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Lifting Off, Flying Free


Things that can fly fascinate me. It amazes me how something like the cattail fluff in the photo above can become weightless and float away on the tiniest, gentlest of breezes.

It’s amazing how something as big a swan can become airborne with just a few flaps of its wings. Well, maybe more than a few. The swans we watched a couple of weeks ago had a fairly long take off. But in less than 30 seconds, they were flying free, silhouetted against the trees and mountains.


And the snow geese! They can beat the air into submission to propel themselves through the sky.


And then float to the earth as if they are as light as one dainty, downy feather.


Although I’ve been seeing it my whole life and have even done it myself in a jet, it amazes me that people can become weightless. To lift off with the help of helium and flame…


or climb up high in a plane and then control their weight and the effect of gravity with a parachute.


Then, there’s the very opposite of weightless – me, climbing this hill last weekend.


I felt like I weighed 1,ooo lbs!

WPC: Weight(less)


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