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Thrushicorn Sighting


The most common winter visitors to my backyard are squirrels, juncos and the Varied Thrush, which is a very robin-like member of the thrush family that primarily lives on the west coast. My dad has always called them “swamp robins,” although I’m not sure if this is a common old-timey nickname for them or not.

What is definitely uncommon is the bump on this one’s head. Varied Thrush normally do not have a crest. Their heads are smooth and round, like this:


For the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing the thrush with the bump on its head. It looks like it’s trying to sprout a horn. Since I’ve never heard of a Thrushicorn, I’m assuming something is wrong with it, although it seems as lively the others and some views of the bump/horn make me wonder if the bump is just a feather version of a cowlick.


Another thing that makes it odd is that it posed for pictures. Most thrushes are extremely uncooperative photo subjects, only posing in front of dark backgrounds and in snow, which confuses the focus of my camera. I had to go back several years in my archives to find a halfway decent photo of a normal thrush. Instead of flying away when I started taking pictures, the Thrushicorn turned around to confront me!

What are you looking at? Never seen a bird with a horn before?

17 thoughts on “Thrushicorn Sighting

  1. “What are you looking at? Never seen a bird with a horn before?” Hahaha!
    Great images Trisha. So weird, I wonder what the deal is with that bump on its head…

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