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It’s a Squirrely Kind of Love


“Thursday is National Squirrel Appreciation Day,” I told my husband after reading it in Evil Squirrel’s Nest’s Saturday Squirrel post.

“Every day is Squirrel Appreciation Day around here,” Don muttered as he glanced out the window, where there was probably at least one squirrel waiting for food.

He calls squirrel feeding my addiction. It kind of is, I guess. When we run out of peanuts or squirrel food, I drag myself to the store to get more. I just can’t stop giving the little critters what they want. How could I say no to a face like this?


My squirrel addiction started as bird-watching. When my oldest son was about five, we moved to Kayak Point, near Stanwood, Washington. There were so many birds there, birds I’d never seen before. I put some feeders out and Michael and I watched the birds together, looking up the names in field guides.

Then we moved to our current house, which is in a neighborhood with wide greenbelts filled with big trees. We put our birdfeeders out and in no time they had squirrels dangling from them! I’m not one to turn any animal away, so I put out another feeder for the squirrels. Pretty soon it was the squirrels we watched out the window, the bird guides forgotten on the shelf.

While I adore all the squirrels, a few really stand out from the crowd. Most recently, a squirrel I named Shorty has held a piece of my heart.

Another of my favorites is Mama Thumper, a mother squirrel with a super short tail and an extra sweet disposition.


Mama Thumper, and I think Shorty now too, have moved on but their friendliness seems to have rubbed off on the youngest generation of squirrels and we now have the friendliest, tamest bunch of squirrels we’ve ever had. They hang out on the deck and pose on the pergola and they make me smile every day. I love them all so much!

I’ve never regretted feeding and befriending the squirrels, even when they dig up my potted plants and trash my deck with peanut shells. They bring me so much happiness, more than any plant or bird ever could!

So, yes. I suppose every day is Squirrel Appreciation Day around here. 🙂


26 thoughts on “It’s a Squirrely Kind of Love

  1. What a cavalcade of cuteness and a most excellent tribute to the very special day! It’s also neat to hear the story of how your squirrel addiction came about. For me, my cartoon characters came first, then the real squirrel fascination soon followed…

    1. “A cavalcade of cuteness” – I like that! It’s funny you started drawing squirrels before becoming fascinated with them. I just wonder how we didn’t notice their awesomeness before. I’ve always been an animal lover but I don’t remember giving squirrels much thought until I moved here amongst them.

  2. Fantastic photos, they are great characters indeed, there’s nothing wrong with a daily appreciation of the little critters. We had two in our garden but they suddenly disappreared one year. However a Pine Martin turned up so being that the grey squirrel is vermin in Ireland and the Pine Martin is a resident, I guess I know who won that battle. We do get lots of gorgeous little birds to our table though which is a delight to watch 🙂

  3. I adore squirrels, they are the cutest creatures. I also feed them, they live in a park next to which I work, so during my lunchtime I go and visit them always bring them some nuts, they are so sweet, I love them! Your pictures are SUPER!

  4. If we had squirrels here I am sure I would be an addict too. They are so cute. I have only seen one in the flesh or perhaps that should be in the fur. It was when we were holidaying in England, it was spring and I saw one in a park. I’m sorry to hear that Shorty may have moved on. I know he was a favourite.

    1. I’m glad you got the opportunity to see one in England! I do miss Shorty when he moves on but at least now I know he periodically moves away so I don’t feel so worried that something has happened to him. And the young ones are doing a good job of keeping me company. I think they’re lonely their first year out of the nest.

    1. My husband talks about my addiction and comments on how much squirrel food we go through but he can’t resist them either! I think they’re bound to win over any animal lover eventually, just like your beautiful doves.

  5. Lovely that you compiled all these amazing photos into one post. I really enjoyed reading your other appreciative comments, especially the description “cavalcade of cuteness.” I’m a squirrel lover also, but not too many hang-out around here. We get more chipmunks.

    1. Chipmunks are adorable too. I see them at parks and higher in the hills but never in my neighborhood. I wish they would visit!

      I enjoyed the “cavalcade of cuteness” description too! 🙂

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