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Sharing My World – Week 4


The winter blahs are settling in here and my body has begun its annual February Fibro Meltdown a little early. We’ve had a few sunny days sprinkled in here and there but I haven’t felt well enough to get out to enjoy them and I’m beginning to get a little stir crazy. Or, maybe just plain old crazy. I’m not sure.

I was able to get out for a little while on Sunday. Don and I took Smarty to the Centennial Trail again. This time we parked in Machias (a tiny “town” five miles north of Snohomish). Apparently, everyone was feeling the same need to get out because the trail was very busy.


Everything is so disappointingly ugly right now though. I lugged my camera for two miles and found nothing to take pictures of. The snowy Cascades are just a tease, looking breathtaking with the naked eye but lousy through a lens.

The mountain is there above the trees. Really, it is.

So, I guess I shouldn’t complain about the upcoming week of rain and gloomy, cloudy skies because I’m not missing anything outside.

Even so, this is depressing!

Maybe answering Cee’s Share Your World questions will get me out of my funk. Let me give it a try.

What one thing are you really glad you did yesterday? I’m glad I drank lots of water. I feel like I’m detoxing something out of my system and yesterday the more water I drank, the better I felt. I feel much better today although I’m still randomly sweating.

Are you generally focused on today or tomorrow? I am pretty good at focusing on today unless there’s something I dread looming ahead. I have a tendency to let one appointment ruin my whole week. I’m getting better about it but I still wallow in dread too much.

Would you want a guardian angel/mentor? What would they tell you right now? I welcome my guardian angels/mentors, although I probably don’t listen to them much. I don’t listen to anyone. I’m very much a I’ll-figure-it-out-on-my-own kind of person. My guardian angel/mentor is probably saying, “quit being so damn stubborn!” 🙂

Would you rather live in a cave house or a dome house made out of glass?  Gosh, this question makes me grateful for a house with both walls and windows! The dome house would drive me crazy in the summer when the sun beats down for 16 hours every day and I think I would get depressed living underground. I guess I would take the dome house if it were in a beautiful place and I could have some good light-blocking curtains.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Last week I was grateful for some time with my friend Krista. We sat at Starbucks and chatted for three hours. The time just flew by! This week I’m looking forward to my mom coming down to visit, if she makes it. She, too, has been feeling pretty awful and has had to postpone her plans to come down every week since the first of the year.

Well, that did it. I feel better now. It’s weird how writing can do that. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 4

  1. Yes, hope your Mom is able to visit.
    The ‘blah’ place has arrived on my door too. It’s very humid at the moment and other than a long walk on Tuesday, its either too hot & humid or, this week, its thunderstorms and rain.
    I made 170+ photos on Tuesday and none of them are worth sharing online. Now that….it really depressing 🙂

    1. That is depressing when a big batch of photos doesn’t turn out well. I’ve had that happen too and it’s such a disappointment.

      In my book, the summer heat and humidity can be just as much of a downer as the cold and rain, although the heat and humidity make me more irritable than depressed. It would just be so nice if every week had a day or two of nice, comfortable weather!

  2. Geez, that forecast makes me feel ill, and I rarely even partake of the outdoors. It does remind me of our summer forecasts where almost every day they throw a storm cloud on the graphic because you just never know…

    1. The every day threat of thunderstorms must make it hard to plan anything! We don’t get summer thunderstorms that often so they’re kind of a novelty and they’re one weather phenomenon that’s pretty predictable here. You can usually see the thunderheads form by the mountains and then spread out. It’s actually pretty cool! Of course, our storms are mild compared to most places.

  3. Writing can really do it! Lovely post, nice thoughts and charming pictures, you said that there is nothing to capture, but that’s not true, you made lovely pics!

    1. Writing really is therapeutic! I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. I’ll sure be glad when flowers start popping up though. I had to go to a greenhouse to find the viola!

    1. It helps me a lot too. I feel like I’m spending too much time blogging but I would miss all my blogging friends if I didn’t check in with WordPress!

  4. I love the picture of the mountain, I bet it was breathtaking in person.
    So nice you had a fun with your friend, I got together with a friend of mine too last week – our lunch lasted 6 hours haha!
    Hope your mom made it down for her visit. 🙂

  5. The mountains are breathtaking in person and it frustrates me that I can’t share how beautiful they are! I’m glad to hear you had a nice, long lunch with a friend! I can relate to a lunch lasting six hours. It’s funny how time can fly by when you’re with a friend.

    My mom wasn’t able to make it last week but that’s okay because I still have her visit to look forward to this week and it gave Don more time to get his car ready for her. He wants to give it to her but I’m not sure she’ll take it. I hope she will. We want to help her and it will save us the hassle of trying to sell it.

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