Why, you might wonder, does a house with a muddy yard and a porta-potty in front of it make me optimistic?

Well, it’s because the above photo is such an improvement over the photo I took of this same house last spring.


Not an improvement in my photography skills. Those seem to have gone downhill! But an improvement in the house. Last year I fell in love with this abandoned house and wished that someone would save it. When we drove by this weekend, I saw that my wish had come true. I feel optimistic about the future of this house and that makes me feel optimistic about the other historic homes of Snohomish that are falling into ruin.

The way I keep myself feeling optimistic in general during these dark, dreary winter days, is looking through my spring photo folder from last year. I took this photo of new leaves on my honeysuckle bush one year ago today.


Seeing these fresh, green leaves and looking at the date made me run out to the honeysuckle to see if there are leaves on it yet this year, and there are! Life is returning. 🙂

WPC: Optimistic


15 thoughts on “Optimistic

    1. It was good to find something to feel optimistic about yesterday. My brain was so foggy and the weather so dreary. I enjoyed thinking about that particular prompt!

  1. I love that house with the verandah.
    Good to hear Spring is on the way for you.
    It’s been wintery all week here (in Melbourne’s mid summer), rain and thunderstorms. So refreshing and much cooler. But there’s still February which is usually our hottest month to get through).

    1. Our signs of spring usually start really early. I’m noticing a lot of buds on the branches of wild, native bushes and my windflowers are popping up already. It’s coming!

  2. That is quite a transformation the house has gone through. It looks more clean, and much more airy. It certainly looks like a homey place, and perhaps someone will move in soon. Beautiful honeysuckle shot, wonderfully done. Hopefully spring will be just around the corner for you. Stay warm 🙂

    1. I can’t believe the difference in the house, just from the new porches. It will make someone a beautiful home. I wish it could be me but I’ll be happy for whoever moves in!

    1. It really is, especially with the new porches. I’m hoping I can catch the open house when it goes up for sale. If I do, I will be sure to take lots of pictures to share!

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