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New Friend


Yesterday I abandoned my plans to (finally) get stuff done and took my camera to Country Village, a rustic little shopping center with a pond, ducks and chickens and a wide variety of little shops. I told myself I could spend an hour there but, two hours later, I stood by the pond again, trying to capture a good photo of a duck.

While I was squatting down on the little dock, a chicken walked up to me. It stared at me with its strange orange eyes and then looked at my camera with what seemed to be curiosity. I talked to it, of course – I always talk to animals – and held out my camera for it to see or sniff or whatever chickens do to check things out. It looked at the camera and then stepped even closer. I wasn’t sure if it was being friendly or threatening! I’ve never been around chickens very much. Although I grew up in the country, it was more of a backwoods place than a farming place. My grandma did have chickens when I was very small but the only thing I remember about it was walking into the chicken coop with her and watching in shock as she grabbed a hen off the nest, snapped its neck and threw it in a barrel.

“Okay, I’ll move away,” I said to the chicken. I stood up and backed away. It followed me and continued to follow me all over the place! I couldn’t get any really good photos of it because, like my cats, any time I squatted down it came toward me.


I was beginning to worry that it would follow me all the way to my car and that I wouldn’t be able to see where it was to back out. Finally, some other people walked by and the chicken went to hide under a table. I took the opportunity to leave, although I didn’t really want to. I enjoyed hanging out with my new friend!


18 thoughts on “New Friend

  1. What a gorgeous chicken! Fun that you made a new friend. Trisha the chicken whisperer! 😉 We raised chickens for many years, and Rachael and I were just talking earlier today how we miss having chickens.

    1. How fun it must have been to raise chickens! I’ve always wanted to have chickens and, after hanging out with some the other day, I want to even more now. They’re really fun to watch!

    1. When I went there, I expected the ducks to be the most fun but it was the chickens that seemed so full of personality. I had no idea, never having been around them much.

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