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Since it’s another gray, dreary day here in the Pacific Northwest, I decided to dig through my archives to join in with The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge goal of “washing the web with a rainbow of colors to keep the winter gloom at bay.”




I know I shared these two recently but they are favorites of mine so I will shamelessly subject you to them again. 🙂



Well, I think that covers all the colors in the rainbow but I’m not sure it’s done anything to keep my winter gloom at bay. Maybe searching for emerging color will help….

Ah, yes! Look what is springing up through the dead leaves in my garden.


It won’t be long until the world has color again, at least here in the Pacific Northwest where our springs spring early but unfold slowly.

Hang in there. Spring will come, bringing with it vibrant color to make up for the gray days of winter.


30 thoughts on “Vibrant

  1. Amazingly vibrant, floral rainbow, Trisha. The last photo is a wonderful, hopeful gesture from nature that color will return to your world. We have so much snow that I have an iceberg happening in my front yard. Ha ha!

  2. This reminds me that I need to see if I have any photos of my tulips in the archive somewhere. They’re nowhere near as bright and colorful as these flower fotos of yours, but that last line reminded me of them and that they’ll be popping up again in about a month… maybe earlier since it hasn’t been as cold this year!

    1. It’s great that your squirrels leave your tulips alone! All my bulbs get nibbled and moved around. I get a few straggly tulip leaves here and there and that’s about it.

      1. They generally don’t stay up very long for the squirrels to get to. They bloom for about a week and are gone… yielding the flower beds in front of my house to the usual overgrowth of weeds again. A sure sign that warmer temps are on the way…

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the color! That geranium/cranesbill is one of my favorite plants. It came from my grandma and grandpa’s yard and is probably older than me!

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