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Random Squawking


I haven’t gone on a ramble in awhile and I’m feeling especially unfocused and incoherent today so I thought it would be a good time!

Since visiting Country Village on Tuesday, I find myself wanting to go back there, mostly to see the chickens. They were such characters! The rooster in the photo above strutted around me while I tried to get a shot of these witch hazel thingamajigs. Are these blooms? Seed pods? I have no idea. I only recently learned what witch hazel looks like.


They remind me of the McDonald’s fry guys. Do you see the resemblance?

It definitely feels and sounds like February here. When I open the door, I hear a bird call that is one long whistle. I have no idea what it is but it reminds me of early spring. Crocuses are beginning to pop out of the ground and are even blooming within the protected confines of the gardens in Country Village.



I see little buds on the plum tree outside my office window and on trees and shrubs here and there. I know it happens every year but it’s exciting to see! There are many things to appreciate about February here: the early flowers, the promise of tiny buds, the return of spring-sounding birds and the longer days. It’s so nice to finally have the sun rise before 8:00 a.m.

It also feels like February in another, not so good way. February is typically the worst month for me fibromyalgia-wise and this year is no exception. I’ve been reluctant to admit it but I’ve descended into Fibro Hell once again. All the areas that hurt frequently are hurting worse than they have in a long time, as do areas that don’t normally bother me, like my feet, wrists and ankles. I’m covered in spots that hurt like hell to the slightest touch and any bending at the hips makes my muscles feel like they’re ripping away from the bone. My neck is stiff and feels like it’s turning into petrified wood, which gives me a constant headache. I’m also tired – but only physically tired, not sleepy-tired and able to take a nap – and the mental fatigue has returned with a vengeance. You know how it feels when you stand up too fast and it feels like all the blood has rushed out of your head? I feel a little bit like that all of the time and just turning my head can make it bad enough that I stagger and feel like I’m going to fall over.

Speaking of staggering, this morning I twisted my ankle and almost fell on Smarty. It scared him and he wouldn’t walk next to me for the rest of the walk.

Also when on our morning walk this morning, I saw a small, dark animal chasing a gray squirrel. When we got closer to where the two animals had disappeared, I saw a red squirrel – which is apparently more of a chocolate brown in the winter – standing in the trail. I haven’t seen one of them at my house in a couple of months so I was happy to know they’re still around and holding their own with their much larger cousins.

I haven’t seen the hawk lately but it’s been here. I found another empty squirrel skin on the sidewalk and last weekend the hawk killed a varied thrush and then crashed into the neighbor’s window while trying to get away with it. Unfortunately, it came to and flew away before Don could get over to it. How cool would it be to hold an unconscious hawk?

Okay, I could ramble on more but I’m already over my self-imposed 500 word limit!

Thank you for hanging in there with me this long and have a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “Random Squawking

    1. I live in Washington. We do have legal medical cannabis but I haven’t tried to get my license for it. Maybe I should though, since hydrocodone has been making me nauseous lately. Recreational marijuana is also legal here and I bought some capsules that have CBD and no THC that are supposed to help with pain but I’m not sure how much they help and I don’t know enough about dosages to know if I could safely take 2 or not. I really should talk to a doctor who prescribes it!

      1. You should! Take advantage (or at least try) something that could potentially help. At least it is something natural and not as scary as some pharmaceuticals. I know lots of people use it for what you have, so hopefully a doctor could help steer you to exactly the kind that would help you the most. No one should have to live in that much pain! Good luck to you 🙂

    1. I’m glad to hear the sun is shining there too! Does the weather effect your fibro much? I find that warm, rainy storm systems make me feel much worse, as the does constant dampness throughout our winters. Fibro sucks!

  1. I think I would take seeing a red squirrel for the first time over holding an unconscious hawk. Sorry you aren’t feeling well… in the absence of the suggested cure in the first comment, I have a very adorable squirrel lined up for tomorrow!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling so good at the moment. I’m guessing that if damp weather is bad for you that Washington is not the ideal place to live but it does sound beautiful. You are right about spring though. It comes around every year but it is always the most exciting season. You can’t get tired of new life.

  3. Hope you’re starting to feel better since you typed this post.
    An exacerbation of FM symptoms is no fun at all. I have a Canadian friend who gets worse when every season changes.

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