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A Garden of Grumps


Yesterday was the second of two beautiful, sunny days. It was amazingly warm for February, in the low 60’s, but it didn’t seem to do much to improve the mood around here. Frosty, Scooby, Smarty and I went out into the yard for a little while but even the warm breeze with its hint of spring days to come didn’t dispel the grumps. Maybe it’s because we all knew how temporary the nice weather was. It clouded up just before sunset yesterday and there is no hint of sunshine anywhere in the forecast, going out as far as next Friday.

Add three more wet, gray days and you’ve got the picture


The rain and the gloominess are getting to all of us. All the cats have been letting me know how displeased they are with life right now, with glares, grumpy faces and the occasional unprovoked attack.


Smarty never really looks grumpy but I think he’s feeling a bit dissatisfied too.


There’s no photo of me but I’m grumpy too. I don’t want to talk to anyone and I don’t want anyone to talk to me. (At least not in person or on the phone. Internet connection is still good!) Family members are likely to get a growl or a snap if they ask me questions, especially if they are hassling me about something I need to do and haven’t done yet. I think my grumpiness has more to do with how I feel than with the weather, although the dampness is definitely a factor in how awful I feel. An all-over body ache doesn’t make for a great mood. I just want to lay down with my iPad and a heating pad but there’s always a long list of must-do’s nipping away at me.

This is one of those times I wish I were a cat! They don’t have to make doctor’s appointments, buy dog food, make dinner, do laundry or make phone calls. They just get to be grumpy if they feel like it, no explanations necessary, no apologies to make for their hisses, growls or snaps. Especially this old man –


At 18 and a half years old, I think he’s entitled to some grumpy moments!


22 thoughts on “A Garden of Grumps

    1. I would take the cold and snow over weeks of 50 degrees and rainy too. It’s so blah and boring! I would love a stretch of really cold, sunny weather. Oh well, maybe next year!

    1. It’s nice that we never have to deal with weather that cold but 50 degrees and raining every day gets really depressing after awhile. I would love some clear, cold weather – but not as cold as -20!

  1. At least you’ve got good company in your grumpiness 🙂

    I was feeling a bit the same way yesterday, but just got up and there’s a cool breeze so hopefully my grumpy state of yesterday is gone. Somehow I thought yesterday was Thursday and caught a bus into the market in North Melbourne and discovered it was really Wednesday and the market was closed (hence yesterday’s mood).

    1. Yes, it is good to have company in my grumpiness. Travelling all the way to the market only to find it was closed would make me really grumpy too! I did something similar last month – I drove to a store on a Sunday, when I should have known the store would be closed on a Sunday. I was so frustrated with myself!

    1. You too! We are seeing signs of spring, which makes me hopeful. I wish I could just settle in and enjoy our boring non-winters but I need the occasional sunny day to keep me going!

  2. They certainly don’t look a happy crew. I’ve seen that expression of Smarty’s on Cindy when she is faced with humans who don’t want to do anything outside. It’s the “Will no-one play with me ?” look Some cats are affected by weather quite a lot. My sister had a couple of cats that would start to act a bit crazy, running around madly and so on, if rain was expected. Something to do with them being able to sense atmospheric conditions better than we can I think. All the grey weather is depressing, at least a cold sunny day gives you some daylight. You are probably all down with a dose of the winter blues so getting out side while there was some sun was a good thing to do. Isn’t it funny how cats still look cute when they scowl?

    1. LOL! Yes, cats do look so cute when they scowl! I think you’re absolutely right about Smarty’s look being “will no-one play with me?” Our other dog did that every time we went outside. And yet they both got/get bored of playing so quickly! Still, I should throw the ball or Frisbee for Smarty more. That’s interesting about your sister’s cats acting crazy when rain was expected. I’ll have to watch mine. It may be that we get rain so much that they’re used to it but they sure get crazy around the time of the full moon.

      1. Thunderstorms upset some cats but maybe it is different in a damper climate. Cindy is ball obsessed and never gets bored playing although as she is nearly ten she can’t play for as long without getting puffed as she used to.

  3. I hope the grumpiness over there clears up soon. We’ve had a bit of that here too – maybe from tensions rising in awaiting Noelle’s arrival. More so though it’s probably from having Rachael’s boyfriend staying over here during that awaiting. It’s been especially unsettling for my mom, she’s been really difficult to be around the past few days. I’m trying to just give her grace, knowing that she doesn’t handle change or stress as well anymore, things come out sideways and she ends up biting everyone’s heads off. Although, I did bite her back the other day, but she deserved it. 😉
    Lovely photos as always Trisha, especially that last one of Frosty ❤

    1. It would be hard to have someone else in the house. That’s something that would make me snappish too. I hope Noelle arrives soon and the grumpiness will dissolve into love and bliss! Sending positive vibes your way! 🙂

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