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Less Grumpy


I’m feeling much less grumpy than I was earlier this week. We’ve had some breaks in the rain and even had a couple of sun breaks yesterday afternoon. Outside, the earliest signs of spring are bursting forth very quickly. There are crocus flowers opening where there were only stems a week ago and a few small, shrubby things are getting tiny leaves on them.


In my back yard, hyacinth stems are springing out of the ground and my chives are shooting up toward the distant sky.



But what boosted my mood most was the three hour webinar I watched/listened to last night. It was hosted by Learning Herbs and was all about how to stop a cold from taking hold. Even though I’ve been able to stop a cold from taking hold for several years with my friends elderberry and ginger, it was exciting to learn more. So exciting, in fact, that I made another impulse purchase (I’ve made several of those lately) and bought the ten lesson course they offered at half price. Now I’m enrolled in three online courses – The Art and Science of Herbalism through Sage Mountain Retreat Center, Balms, Butters and Salves through the East West School of Aromatic Studies and now Herbal Cold Care: Natural Remedies for the Cold and Flu Season through Learning Herbs.

Learning makes me happy. That’s one thing I’ve come to realize over the past couple of years. Still, taking on another course when I can’t get myself to finish the first one I started – The Art and Science of Herbalism – probably isn’t going to help my sense of being overwhelmed with things to do. Still, I’m excited about my new courses and having access to the Learning Herbs website for the next month (one month of access to the Learning Herbs website was part of the package I bought last night).

So today, instead of making appointments and doing the things I should be doing, I am going to make a new batch of Elderberry Immune Elixir, start some tinctures, (I’m going to start blogging about the things I make), and hang out on the Learning Herbs website, probably taking in more information than my brain can store. My must-do list will sit, not getting any shorter, but I won’t be grumpy as long as I don’t think about it!


14 thoughts on “Less Grumpy

    1. I hope our daffodil, tulip and camellias won’t be too far behind yours. To me, it seems like winter has gone by fast and yet I am still craving the sight of green plant life.

  1. I love those first signs of Spring. Sometimes I wonder if the first buds are more beautiful than the full flower as they cheer one up with the thought of what is to come. Nothing beats anticipation.

    You’re brave doing 3 online courses, Trisha. I can’t muster up the energy to do even one.

    And yes, please post your results (with photos) – I used to make creams when I was studying Herbal Medicine back in the early 1990s and will be keen to hear/see your results.

    1. I haven’t been brave enough to try a cream yet. Mixing oil and water seems like it would be a touchy thing! I guess I should just dive in and give it a try. Maybe when I’m done with my Butters, Balms and Salves course I’ll give it a go.

      I agree that the buds might be more beautiful than the actual bloom because of the anticipation involved. I look out my office window to see the buds on my plum tree every day. It’s so exciting to see that little glow of pink unfolding!

  2. Glad to see signs of spring! We have a winter advisory this weekend, even snow in the forecast. I know the overwhelmed feeling, and I have a couple photography courses in the works. I like learning online, too.

    1. The overwhelmed feeling isn’t fun but taking courses and learning is such an exciting journey! Where did you find the photography courses? I would like to take something like that once I finish the Art and Science of Herbalism course.

  3. I love the pictures, but I also love the sound of the courses you signed up for. Sounds very interesting and I hope you get some knowledge out of them and share with us too! 😀

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