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A Friday Ramble

How can squirrels make themselves look so small and yet so chubby at the same time?


It’s Friday again! Can you believe it? To me, this week just flew by. Not that I’m complaining. I’m glad the weekend and Daniel’s mid-winter break are here because I get to sleep in for the next four days.

It looks like it’s going to be another rainy weekend but I’ve got myself in the right mindset for it and am looking forward to hibernating and hopefully finally making those heat wraps I’ve been planning to make since I bought my sewing machine two years ago.

Today, I’m planning to make a whipped body butter. Maybe. I’m not sure I’m up to all the whipping. I might just try creating a skin healing body butter that doesn’t require two or three sessions of 20+ minutes of holding the mixer. (Once I read how much whipping is involved with whipped body butters, I wished I had asked for a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for Christmas instead of a new lens for my camera!) Whatever I decide to make, I’ll share some crappy pictures of it and tell the tales of my mishaps.

Yes, I am expecting mishaps. It seems I can’t do anything right these days. Yesterday I started three herbal tinctures, something that couldn’t be any easier. You just add herbs to a jar, pour alcohol over the herbs (I usually use vodka), put a lid on the jar, label it and then let it infuse for six weeks, giving the jar a good shake every day. Easy peasy, right? Or, not. I’d forgotten how much roots swell up. I used a whole 1/5th of vodka on these three tinctures and still the herbs are beginning to puff up out of the vodka, which means I’m going to have to buy more vodka today. (I had considered writing a post on how to make herbal tinctures but, for anyone interested, I think it’s best if I direct you to the Mountain Rose Herb Blog’s Guide to Making Tinctures. They do it right and have better pictures than I can take in my dark kitchen.)

I realized something yesterday: For someone who doesn’t drink, I sure buy a lot of booze!

Outside, I think one of my squirrels has ear mites. It’s been walking around with one ear dipped down.


And I caught it scratching at the ear.


Poor little thing. I wish it would let me put medicine in its ear but I doubt that would go over well. Squirrels are creatures of double standards. They can grab my fingers when they take a peanut from me and they can use my arm as a springboard to do flips, but I’m not allowed to touch them. It’s so unfair!

A certain area of that last photo (luckily blurred) reminds me that I think spring breeding season might be underway for my squirrel friends. This makes me sad because many of the squirrels that have been with me all winter will leave once their young ones leave the nest. My yard seems to be like a squirrel college, a place where young squirrels hang out until they have babies of their own. Then they move on, leaving their young here. The batch of squirrels I have here now are the sweetest, friendliest, most peaceful, polite bunch I’ve ever known. I don’t want them to leave!

I also don’t want them to get eaten by the hawk. It was back last weekend, lurking in the shadows where I couldn’t get a good photo of it.


I do like the way its eye is glowing but I’m still going to keep trying for a better photo of it, while somehow trying to protect my squirrel friends. I’m not sure how that will work. Slow moving me versus a hawk that can swoop down so fast it’s just a blur. Not quite an even match!


12 thoughts on “A Friday Ramble

  1. I think the only thing my squirrels would want to touch me with is their teeth. We have a lot of itchy squirrels around here too, but they’re also so furry who knows what might be lurking under that coat… or they might just have dandruff. I know I can’t grow out a beard more than a week without it itching like crazy.

    It’s still way too cold for any baring of the sensitive equipment around these parts, so I don’t think anything’s going beyond a spirited chase in my tree for a while…

    1. I wish I could box up a couple of my squirrel friends and send you a friendly squirrel starter kit! Hand feeding them is so much fun. I really wish I could share my good fortune in having tame squirrels around.

    1. I didn’t think hawks could fly in such low, tree-filled places because they’re usually out in the open. But, I just read about the Cooper’s Hawk, which I think this one must be. Apparently, they can fly in cluttered areas and often hunt on the edge of forests.

      Constructing a feeding table to give protection would probably help the birds that feed in my yard but most of the squirrels take their peanuts up to the deck railing or the top of the pergola to eat them. I guess I just have to trust that they know how to protect themselves and hope that the hawk moves on soon. Preferably after I get a really good picture of it! 🙂

  2. I envy all of your herbal dabbling, hope you whipped up something wonderful! 🙂 Enjoy that sleeping in for the next few days and have a great weekend Trisha! Beautiful photos, as always! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jewels! Sadly, the two products I made are not wonderful. I’m learning that I really, really don’t like cocoa butter! But it was good practice and gives me a good starting point for creating my own recipes. Herbal dabbling is fun – you should give it a try! I hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start!

      1. Sorry they didn’t work out as well as you’d hoped. I’m not a fan of cocoa butter myself, it’s too thick or heavy or something. I have dabbled a little in herbal remedies and it was a lot of fun, but just haven’t taken the time to do much else with it.
        Thanks, my weekend was nice – just been waiting on Noelle to come. 😉 Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! ❤

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