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Love is a Rose


I don’t get into the whole Valentine’s Day thing, but for those who do, here’s a pink rose to bring love and romance to mind.


When I see roses, I often hear Linda Ronstadt singing – “Love is a rose but you’d better not pick it, only grows when it’s on the vine. Handful of thorns and you know you’ve missed it, lose the love when you say the word mine.” Or something like that. I may not have heard that song since the 70’s!

Roses aren’t the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about love. Dogs are at the top of my love list. Dogs are so full of love! Just look at the love between these two:



Of course I love my cats too but their loving looks change to something more sinister as soon as the camera comes out. I had to go way, way back in time to 2002 to find a picture of my cats with a totally loving look in their eyes.

Scan0001 (3)

Even wild animals give the camera loving looks more often!


If Valentine’s Day were about celebrating universal love for all creatures rather than romantic love, I could totally get into it! I mean what says love more, the way Smarty is gazing up at Don in the photos above, or a red rose?


I know what I choose!

I wouldn’t complain about getting a Theo Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar though.

I love Theo chocolate!


But waking up to Scooby licking my face the way he often does would be just as sweet!



5 thoughts on “Love is a Rose

  1. Those rose shots are lovely. I love the smell of old-fashioned roses, but the simplicity of daisies and grass seed heads blowing in the wind are more my favourite photography subjects I had to admit.

    (Do you ever wonder if the cats don’t like the reflection of a ‘strange’ cat in the camera lens, though? That might explain their frosty glare when you’re taking their photo 🙂 )

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