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Nothing Says Love Like…


A giant pig with fake roses!



A “balsam” from Dr. Loveless!

In a turn away from the topics of love (or the lack thereof) and Valentine’s Day, this out of focus feather has been stuck in a branch outside my office window for weeks.


I have no idea what’s holding it there. The wind blows it like crazy and it still clings to the branch.

And since the theme to all my posts this week seems to be incoherent rambling, I will change the subject yet again to share that Scooby did wake me up by licking my face this morning, just as I wished in yesterday’s post. However, he scratched me in the face several times before the sweet kisses, so I wasn’t feeling too kindly toward him by the time the kisses came!


Linking to Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – 2016 Week 7


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