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Another Friday Ramble


I wasn’t planning on another ramble post but when I sat down at my computer I realized that’s what I was in the mood for. Fridays are just like that.

Today has already been an interesting day. I sent Michael off to an appointment in the University District of Seattle all by himself. I feel guilty but, on the other hand, he’s going to be twenty in a few months and he does more freeway/city driving than I do. I would imagine most of the kids that go to UW get themselves there and it’s not a big deal. It’s not like I sent him to hang out in the jungle (the homeless camp under the freeway downtown.) Hopefully, doing things like this on his own will build his confidence in driving and he won’t turn out like me – neurotic and downright phobic about any road with more than two lanes of traffic and a speed limit over 35.

Since I was already feeling stressed this morning, my pets decided to be extra naughty to further stress me out. Scooby batted at Smarty when he walked by and I had to get in between them to break it up. I’m not sure how aggressive Smarty would get with one of the cats and I’d rather not find out the bloody, vet bill way. Then, Smarty refused to eat his breakfast, seemingly just so he could guard it from the cats. It’s a game he’s been playing more and more frequently. He used to not let them in the living room when there was food in his bowl but now his food territory seems to have extended to include the whole house and he doesn’t want poor Trubby coming in the living room at any time.

Also, Smarty has figured out that I have no control over him with the new harness we bought for him and walks are becoming increasingly stressful and exhausting.

But he’s so sweet!


Last night Don finished off the last of the almond goji berry truffles that I made him for Valentine’s Day and I’m so glad! It was torture to see them sitting there in the fridge looking all chocolaty.


All the good things have eggs or almonds. 😦 Those two things are turning out to be the hardest of my allergies to live with.

In my kitchen, I’ve gone a little infusion crazy. One whole section of counter has been taken over by my herbal concoctions.

DSC08943.JPGI’ve got vanilla bean, calendula, arnica, lavender and rose petals infusing in olive oil to make herbal infused oils to use in my Butters, Balms and Salves class and I’ve two varieties of Elderberry Elixir going (I will share that recipe soon – it’s amazing stuff!) and tinctures of echinacea, rhodiola and yarrow.

Last Friday I made a whipped body butter and a much-bigger-than-wanted batch of natural deodorant. It makes your armpits smell like cedar trees.

The whipped body butter that made me realize that I really hate cocoa butter
I also hated using my precious salve jars for a product I didn’t really want but I had to put it in something!



I only have two more required recipes to make for Butters, Balms and Salves and then I will move on to creating my own recipes. I will not be using cocoa butter. As much as I like chocolate, I don’t want to feel or smell like I have it smeared all over me.

I’m excited to make more products but today I’m going to pour my creativity into my entry for Evil Squirrel’s Third Annual Contest of Whatever. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be deodorant that makes your armpits smell like dead possums!


6 thoughts on “Another Friday Ramble

    1. I think I’m becoming immune the to scent of essential oils. Daniel came in my office and said it smelled good (I had my aromatherapy diffuser going). All I could smell was dog!

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