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On the Rocks



The neighbors down the street have an eclectic hodgepodge of yard decorations, including a single eye painted on a rock. I snapped it when I was out looking for flowers yesterday afternoon and decided it was time to break out the other goofy rocks I stumbled upon this month. (Thankfully, I didn’t literally stumble upon any of them!) Coincidentally, my photos mostly fit with Cee’s informal theme of faces for this week’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.



If you’re looking for some fun Sunday viewing and reading, head over to Evil Squirrel’s Nest to check out all the entries in his third annual Contest of Whatever. All the entries are so fun and creative! I enjoyed reading all of them. And I promise none of them are as crude as mine. There are a couple of adorable knitted possums, great sketches and stories, a Photoshop torture chamber and even a fantastic Play Doh Buster!


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