In the Mild, Mild West


During the relatively warm week we had last week, spring really started springing! The frogs come out and sing their spring songs at night and the birds take over the chorus in the morning.

I took a short photo walk around the block on Saturday and was amazed by the rapid unfolding of buds and flowers. As per my usual trouble with close-ups of spring flowers, none are in sharp focus so just squint your eyes and enjoy the color!





I was surprised to see aphids at work on this hellebores


and a big bumblebee going to town on this heather.


I’m juggling my schedule to try to prepare for the faster pace of life that comes with spring and I’ve had to push blogging back to the afternoon which is basically the realm of “things that may not happen.” As nice as the longer days and return of life are, I’d like to rewind to have a few more months of hibernation! Someday, when I don’t have kids in school and driver’s ed and baseball, I may love spring again. For now, I enjoy the birds and the frogs and the flowers but look forward to September when things start slowing down again.


7 thoughts on “In the Mild, Mild West

  1. Lovely images of the Spring flowers, Trisha.
    Spring is my favourite time of year. Mainly because there are many budding flowers and much easier to photograph, than great busy compositions of flowers in full bloom 🙂

  2. Lovely flowers! I have some daffodils in my back garden which have been threatening to bloom for ages now but the weather keeps changing and mucking it all up 🙂

    1. I can relate to how those daffodils must feel! We had crazy weather yesterday with sunbreaks one minute, a downpour the next and then a quick windstorm. Today I’m not leaving the house without sunglasses and a raincoat with a hood!

  3. Looks like a beautiful spring walk! I’m getting a serious case of spring fever over here, but March is typically one of our snowiest months of the year so it’ll be a while before it arrives.
    I’m looking forward to having Noelle out in the garden with me this spring, even though she’ll still be too little to understand anything. 🙂

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