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Blue, Green and Kinda Sorta Yellow

Can we pretend Smarty is a true yellow for the sake of this challenge?


For the latest Compose Yourself Challenge, Cee asked us for photos of complementary colors, or colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. I found lots of red, orange and yellow in my fall folders but I wanted to take some new photos too. My chance came on Saturday when we had a gloriously warm, sunny afternoon. Without really planning it, we ended up at Lake Tye in Monroe where I found some blue, green and yellow. (Or, in some cases, kinda sorta yellow.)

In the photo above, we have Smarty the yellowish lab, green grass and Don’s blue jeans. Or, if you won’t accept Smarty as yellow, notice the purple pick-up bag in Don’s hand. I haven’t consulted the color wheel in a few days but I think blue and purple are next to each other.

Then, we have the park’s Mutt Mitt station. It even has some real yellow in it! And the dead grass on the other side of the lake is the same kinda sorta yellow as Smarty’s ears.


Next, we have these kite-like signs near the park’s entrance. Very bluey-greeny.


Finally, we’ll travel back to last fall for a couple of red, orange yellow photos.



I will share more photos from our rare gem of a warm March afternoon later this week when I don’t have to stick to a color theme. Have a fabulous Monday! 🙂


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