Scooby and the Rat


I’ve always said that I will feed any critter that comes to my doorstep but I guess that’s not true.

On Friday, a rat came to my back door. I was on the phone with my mom and I saw a flash of brown fur go by just outside the slider. I went closer to investigate and a young rat appeared. Scooby saw it and launched himself at the glass. The rat ran away. I didn’t feed it. I let the cat out!

Within five minutes, Scooby came strutting into the house with the unfortunate creature in his mouth. Chaos erupted as I tried to chase Scooby outside before he could drop the rat (I thought it might still be alive at that point.) For some reason, me trying to shoo Scooby out made Smarty think we were going somewhere and he started bounding around the house barking.

Finally, Scooby took his new toy out into the yard to play. Since the poor little thing was too dead to run, he made it fly. Over and over again, he threw it up in the air and leapt after it. The photos I captured are blurry but I still enjoyed seeing Scooby in action. He’s such a funny kitty. For a senior citizen cat, he has a lot of playful kitten moments!






Then, bored with a toy that wouldn’t run from him and displeased with the lack of praise he got when he brought it in the house, he returned to his usual reserved, seemingly condemning self.


I do feel bad for the rats but they’re so destructive that we can’t let them move in and start families and it seems kinder to let the cats take care of them than to trap them. Rats are the one downside to the greenbelts that run through our neighborhood. Of course, Scooby doesn’t see them as a downside. He enjoys having a supply of toys nearby!

I apologize to any rat lovers who stumble upon this post. I do think they’re cute and, if it were up to me to get rid of them, we would be overrun with them.

In case anyone is wondering, yes my backyard really looks that bad right now! It’s filled with moss and the grass completely died where Smarty’s kiddie pool was. It looks so bad I don’t even like to go out there. I don’t think we can put off laying down sod any longer.


13 thoughts on “Scooby and the Rat

    1. Yes, so sweet of them to come bearing gifts! We’ve had to throw more than a few gnawed on corpses out, which is still better than when they release live prey into the house!

  1. That was a funny story and I can relate. Over the years our family has received many such “presents” from our cats. One thing we have learned is that if your cat appears with a live mouse/rat/ bird in it’s mouth do not yell! You will spend the next few hours chasing the jolly thing round the house or as my mum and sister once did with a rat shutting it into a spare room, setting a trap and waiting to hear it go off and then feeling horrible because “It was such a handsome rat.”

    1. LOL! I can understand your mom and sister’s feelings on that. I feel bad whenever Don traps one. They have creepy tails and they’re destructive but I still don’t like for them to suffer.

      We, too, have had to learn the hard way to not yell at the cat. The worst was when Trouble brought in a giant rat. We yelled, Trouble got scared, dropped the rat and ran out the door and the rat escaped. It managed to stay hidden for weeks!

  2. Great story and photos. I guess you can’t berate Scooby for ‘doing what comes naturally’ but you’ve got to feel sorry for the rat. I’ve seen them at the zoo in the mouths of various birds in the large aviary and of course was accidentally feeding a rat in the bird feeder at my old apartment, but as small as they are, I don’t like them.

    1. The last time Scooby brought one in, I praised him and that’s just what he’d been waiting for. He was extremely proud of himself for hours. It’s just hard to not freak out when you think the rat might still be alive. I find them cute outside but not in my house!

  3. Scooby is so cute with his prey! I don’t do rats (or meeces), and I know I’ve got a pair of great mousers because I have never seen a live rodent in the house before…. ever, despite there being plenty of ways they could get in. We had a badass torty cat when I was growing up that didn’t mess around with the little furballs… I watched in utter amazement once as she caught a mouse that ran by her and within 10 seconds there was no trace of the rodent left behind.

    The warm weather and rain we had today (And will probably have all week) only serve to remind me its almost lawn mowing time again. The less grass I had in my backyard, the more I’d like it!

    1. Your cats are better mousers than mine then! Trouble and Scooby seem to enjoy catching a lot more than killing and they only go after small things, which on many occasions they’ve released inside. Alive. When that huge rat was hanging around, they pretended they didn’t see it. We now have a rat or meece in the attic, which should never happen when you have three cats!

      I’m sure our lawn would need mowing already if we had any grass left. Our yard is all moss and mud right now. On the plus side, it doesn’t need mowing very often anymore, even in the summer!

  4. Great photos, but shudder. This is my worse nightmare. My spoiled cats are indoor only cats and couldn’t kill a thing. The boy cat likes to play with teeny beanie babies and to come and dump them on me when I am sleeping. I fear one time it will be a still-alive rat or mouse! I tried closing my bedroom door, but one I felt claustrophobic and two the cats meowed outside of it all night.
    You are braver than I am.

    1. I, too, worry something the cats have caught is going to get dumped on me while I’m sleeping! We shut our cat door to keep the cats in at night but they still could hide something under the furniture to drag out at night. Scooby likes to bat things around until they go under a table or the couch. Yuck! We can’t keep our bedroom door closed either. Trouble and Scooby make a terrible racket if we try to close the door. Cats, ya gotta love them! 🙂

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