Friday Randomness


It turns out that my euphoric feeling of everything in the universe being wonderful yesterday was just my brain going a little haywire because I had a migraine coming on. It figures! Luckily, it wasn’t a terribly painful one and the pain is gone today, although my brain and vision still seem a little wonky.

It’s been kind of a strange week here. I’ve always thought I was good at being alone but my nest was way too empty and quiet this week. Don left for a class in Houston on Wednesday morning, Michael has been staying at school in between his classes and has had extra things going on so he’s been leaving in the morning and not getting home until dinner time and Daniel has had Driver’s Ed after school all week so, most of the day, it’s been just me and the dog. (The cats sleep most of the day.) I’m not loving it. I think I’ve become accustomed to a certain level of chaos and I miss it when things are quiet for too long. It makes me worry that I’m going to have a hard time adjusting to life as an empty nester.

Thankfully, Don will be home tonight so we can be semi-empty nesters together again.


Frosty isn’t liking the boys being gone so much either. He’s become very needy in his old age and Daniel is his first choice for comfort. I used to be his favorite but I’m usually his last choice now that Scooby has claimed me.

Although the house was too quiet this week, some stuff happened.

Tuesday I picked up my new glasses from Costco. I can see again! I’m amazed by how clear everything is.

Michael had his first job interview on Wednesday. He’s still waiting to hear back. He’s already taken enough credits for his welding certification but he’s planning to take a couple of classes next quarter anyway.

Wednesday night we had a big rainstorm that changed over to a windstorm by Thursday morning. The wind kept blowing stuff over on the deck but our power didn’t go out. The grid I’m on seems impervious to wind but goes down at other times for no apparent reason.

This morning I discovered that I’ve lost so much range of motion in my hips that climbing over fallen trees isn’t a good idea. I got halfway over and got stuck. I thought I was going to have to call someone for help. Smarty tried to help by tugging on the leash. He’s the most impatient dog I’ve ever known! He won’t stop or slow down for anything, unless it’s something he wants to do. Like reading this sign.


Scooby has been his usual self, making forts out of anything he can find. Like the open oven door.


Yes, my oven is really that dirty on the bottom. I could easily spend an hour every day cleaning my kitchen and it still wouldn’t be enough.

I tried to lighten my hair with a home coloring kit. The bottom is still dark brown and the roots are kind of orange. None of it is the caramel color that’s on the box.

I wish people wouldn’t talk to me when I’m trying to do something else.

The pistachios I’ve been eating have been recalled because of salmonella.

The pizza the kids ate last Friday was recalled because a batch of them contained shards of glass.

I’ve rediscovered that macadamia nuts are one of my most favorite foods on earth.

I can’t get myself moving today. TGIF!


18 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

    1. And that’s not even half the stuff that’s been floating through my brain! Hyperactivity has become one of my pre-migraine symptoms and it’s really kicked into high gear this time around.

    1. The pain is gone but I still feel like I’m having what I call migraine activity. Sometimes my neurological symptoms are a lot worse than the pain these days. My migraines have changed so much over the years. It makes it hard to know what actually going on.

      I hope you have a good weekend too!

  1. I lost power yet again, but at least this time it was in the middle of the night when it doesn’t really matter.

    1. I’m glad you only lost power during the night! It was a crazy storm. Every time I thought it had died down, a big, quick gust would blow through. And it went on for so long!

  2. Great photos, Trisha.
    The flower is beautiful with that light (and so is Frosty).

    BTW I don’t have trouble cleaning my oven these days – I never use it 🙂

    1. My oven gets used multiple times every day. I’m beginning to wonder if a toaster oven would save energy but then it would be just one more thing to clean and I don’t need that!

  3. LOL… my oven looks a lot worse, trust me. I could clean my kitchen for a week and it still wouldn’t be enough…

    It’s nice to see Shards O Glass has branched out into the pizza business!

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