Photo Challenge Entries

In Hiding


This armless vampire has been hiding under the back seat of my car for I-don’t-know-how-many years. Don found it a few weekends ago when he was adjusting the seat to make it more comfortable for Smarty. No one remembers him and it’s been a really long time since my kids would have had toys like this. He looks happy but I feel sorry for him. It must be hard to be a vampire without arms.

While the vampire could have won a game of hide and seek, my next two hiders are not as skilled in the art of hiding. Yesterday I captured a picture of Short hiding to eat a peanut.


And the day before I captured Scooby hiding in the vertical blinds.


Of course, if we were playing the version of hide and seek where you have to tag someone to make them it, Shorty would always win. He can be standing just inches away with his back turned and if I reach out to try to touch his tail, he jumps away before I can.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – Week 11


13 thoughts on “In Hiding

  1. I was curious where that vampire came from (Before he was entombed beneath the car seat), so I took him to Google Images and tried to reverse search him. While it popped up a lot of other pictures of cute figurines… no roly poly vampire. It has that mass-manufactured toy look to it… so I’d doubt it’s one of a kind. But it must be unique enough to stump the all-knowing Google!

    1. I thought I had asked everyone about Count Roly Poly but I just hadn’t asked the right person yet. When I asked again last night, Daniel said he remembers picking the Count out of the toy box at the dentist office and then ripping his arms off on the way home because he thought it was stupid. So, he’s a dentist office toy that somehow stayed wedged under the car seat for the last 8-9 years.

      For some strange reason, I just can’t throw him away!

    1. 🙂 The squirrels are amazing that way! I know their eyeballs bulge out so they can see all around them but it does seem like they can sense when I’m thinking about trying to touch them!

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