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From My Grandpa’s Garage


The current theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Locks, Keys, Knobs and Handles. There were so many places I could have gone to look for these subjects but I had a bad case of the homebodies last week. So, at the last minute, I asked my dear semi-hoarder husband if he had any cool locks or handles. He went down to the garage and pulled out this ancient padlock that we found in my grandpa’s garage after he passed away.


I’m impressed that Don knew right where it was after all these years. He’s going to ask his dad if he has a key that fits it. It wouldn’t surprise me if he does. He’s another one who keeps a lot of really old, bizarre things and knows right where they are.

I apologize for the weird lighting. I had to prop up my phone with the flashlight app on and hold a flashlight in my mouth to get enough light to shoot these. In hindsight, it would have been easier for me to just drag out my tripod!


Have a fabulous Monday! I hope the switch to daylight savings time is easier on you than it is me, if you live in a place that insists upon this useless and Circadian rhythm-disrupting practice. I absolutely hate “springing forward.” It makes me grumpy!


8 thoughts on “From My Grandpa’s Garage

  1. Instead of dragging the tripod out, of course, you could have brought the padlock out into the light outdoors 🙂
    You’ve just reminded me that we, here in Australia, will be moving back to normal time (after a summer of daylight savings time). Last year I forgot, but fortunately it happens on a Saturday overnight, so people like me can adjust. Now I’m not working, I need the prompt from Sunday night’s tv programs to remind me.

    1. I probably could have taken the lock outside during one of our brief sunbreaks but it was so wet, cold and windy that I didn’t feel like it. Our weather has been changing so rapidly, sunny one minute, pouring from dark clouds the next. It can change in the time it takes to pick a coat out of the closet!

      My wall calendar has Australian dates and your change back to regular time confused me before I saw the (AU) next to it! It also says except WA/QLD/NT;NZ) Do some of your states or territories not change?

  2. A lock that captures my imagination and sends it swirling. Also I have never heard anyone from anywhere say they are a fan of daylight savings. In my opinion it adds nothing but confusion. o_O

    1. A lot of people up here love it because they like it when it stays light later in the evening. Maybe it’s because we’re far enough north that our days can get pretty short. Still, I’d rather have the light in the morning and not have my routine get all messed up. Especially since there’s no good reason for it!

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