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Extreme Cuteness!


The little red squirrel has been visiting for the past few days, which is probably why my productivity level has plummeted. I’ve been watching, oohing, ahhing,  and constantly squealing, “OMG – it’s so cute!” I just can’t get enough of watching the little guy. It seems like he (?) is finally getting used to me because yesterday he stayed on the deck when I slid the door open and stuck my camera lens out. He even thought about taking a peanut out of my hand but decided against it.

I ended up with a whole slew of photos and, with such an adorable subject, it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few! Click on any photo to enlarge it.


The much larger gray squirrels don’t seem to mind this little guy invading their territory, although they are curious about him. Their curiosity usually leads to them getting chased away though. Little Red doesn’t take kindly to anyone getting in his personal space, even if he’s in their territory to begin with. He’s a feisty little thing!


27 thoughts on “Extreme Cuteness!

  1. Yes, very cute! I’ve only seen them in eastern Washington and prefer their coloring. But that might just be due to the reds seeming exotic with the grays so ubiquitous around here.

    1. I don’t think I’d ever seen one until 5-6 years ago. One hung around for a couple of weeks, driving my neighbor crazy with its chirping and then I didn’t see another one again until last year. Their coloring does seem exotic after always seing the gray squirrels!

    1. He is a smaller species called the Douglas Squirrel. They are native to the Pacific coastal states and provinces but I think they’re pretty rare in urban and suburban areas. I don’t think the other ones I’ve seen had a black fan shape at the end of their tails like that. I’m thinking something must have happened to it but it’s sure cute!

  2. Hee, what a cute little fella! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a red squirrel though they’re our native squirrel. The grey guys from the USA have taken their toll on the poor little things 😦

    1. It’s pretty much the same here. There are Eastern Grays everywhere. I rarely see these little red guys and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen our native Western Gray Squirrel. There are only three populations of them left in our state. 😦

        1. I’d always assumed our squirrels were a variety of the eastern squirrels too until I started researching the little red squirrels. I did begin to wonder if we had two types of gray around here because my mom said the squirrels at her house are smaller than ours. But from what I read online, it’s unlikely that hers are western because there are only three places in the state where they live now. Poor little guys!

  3. He is gorgeous. I would not count time spent observing and photographing him as unproductive. When you look back on life’s best memories I’m sure feeding squirrels would rank way higher than say doing the dishes.

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