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A Short Ramble


Now that WordPress finally allowed me to upload a photo for this post, I find I have no time to write one! I’m on my way to a mini class reunion with these three ladies, shown here at prom our sophomore year.


From left to right, there’s Heidi in the white dress, me in the ruffly pink dress, Janise in the blue and Michele in the lacy pink.

Janise’s family is out of town so she’s hosting us for a slumber party. It should be fun, if I can get myself there. Between trying to adjust to stupid daylight savings time and daily migraines, I haven’t been functioning that well this week. Aside from Wednesday afternoon, the migraines haven’t been painful but my vision has been kind of wonky. Truth be told, I probably shouldn’t be driving but we’ve had this planned for months. Thankfully, I just have to get myself to my mom’s house in Sedro Woolley and I can hitch a ride the rest of the way with Michele. Wish me luck! And just an FYI for local people, I-5 between Mill Creek and Sedro Woolley won’t be safe the next two afternoons.

I really want one of those Google cars.

I apologize for not keeping up with blog reading. I will try to do better next week. In the meantime, have a great weekend!



14 thoughts on “A Short Ramble

  1. I hope you have a great time! My aunt is 70, and she has an annual slumber party with her friends from high school still, which I think is pretty cool.

    1. Thank you! We had a lot of fun. Looking back, I’m so glad we had this picture taken together. I wish we would have done more of these and skipped the pictures with our dates!

      1. Something I just thought of, which is totally crazy to me, is that three of those dresses would be prohibited by the dress codes in a lot of schools now. Despite the fact the dresses are as far from sleezy as you can get, three of you hussies are displaying shoulders or collar bones. For shame! (In case you can’t tell, I think such dress codes are ridiculous in the extreme.)

        1. That does seem a bit ridiculous! Having only boys (who haven’t been interesting in attending dances, so far), it’s an issue that I haven’t heard much about. From what I’ve seen of formal dresses in stores, it seems like it must be hard to find anything that doesn’t show shoulders or collar bones. Most of the dresses seem so tiny compared to the giant bundles of fluff and ruffles that I wore in the 80’s!

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