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This Week


This morning I got up really excited to start my day. I’ve been following the Flat Belly Diet for three weeks and today was my weigh in day. I thought I would get on the scales and finally my weight would be below a certain dreadful number. It wasn’t. For all my dieting and exercising, I lost a whole 0.4 lbs. Dammit! So, that’s one thing that happened this week: I discovered that my plan to get back to the weight I want to be at isn’t working and, at this rate, it would take me 75 weeks to get to my goal weight. How inspiring! :/

Better things happened this week too. Michael, my 19-year-old, got his first real job. He’s working as a welder at an aerospace company. It’s a different kind of welding than he’s certified in but they’re willing to train him and work around his school schedule for his last quarter at Everett Community College. We’re proud of him. He decided what he wanted do and he did it! Some people act like we’re bad parents for not making him go to a four year college but Michael wanted to work with his hands and welding is a good, stable career that a person can make a really good living from.

We also celebrated Smarty’s one year anniversary with us. Wednesday the 23rd, which is coincidentally also National Puppy Day, marks the one year anniversary of the day I drove to the Everett Animal Shelter, saw Smarty laying in his cubicle looking sad and immediately did the paperwork to make him ours. He’s brought us so much happiness in the last year and we’ve done our best to make him happy too. We do need to take him to the water more though. Being a lab, he loves to wallow in water!


Let’s see, what else happened this week?

It rained a lot.

Daniel said my bullet journal was cool. Quite a compliment from a 16-year-old boy!


It rained more.

Daniel finished Driver’s Ed. No more driving to and from the high school during the evening commute traffic. Yay!

I let Daniel drive over to Target and back and it wasn’t too terribly scary. Still, I’m hoping Don will do the freeway drives!

It’s raining again, I think. But you know what they say: March showers bring April…landslides? 🙂


8 thoughts on “This Week

  1. Don’t forget muscle weighs twice as much as fat, so if you’ve been exercising hard (which I have for about 8 months now), you probably WILL weigh more.

    If it consoles you any, when I asked if I could borrow the Dr’s scales to weigh myself before Christmas, I’d put on 5 kilos (about 10 lbs) last year. Couldn’t believe it as I’d been exercising so hard every morning (especially my core and lower spine exercises). BUT my jeans and slacks are much looser so I am more toned at least.

    1. That’s good that your clothes are looser! I gained at least 15 lbs last year and my clothes were getting too tight. Not wanting to have to buy bigger clothes was part of what motivated me to get a diet and exercise plan together. I guess with my metabolism I should count not gaining 3 lbs over the last three weeks as a victory. 🙂

  2. I think it’s downright silly to expect a four year college degree is right for everyone. I think vocational training is the best way to go for many young people, based on aptitude and interests. My brother-in-law has been a car mechanic for most of his adult life. He likes the work and makes a good living. My sister is a lawyer with an advanced degree. They are both very good at what they do.

    1. I agree. Vocational training is a better way to go for some people. Michael has always said he didn’t want to go to college and we said that was fine, as long as he learned a trade. I wish I had learned a trade!

  3. Everyone pushes college like it’s some kind of automatic ticket to success, and it ticks me off! For every college graduate working at Mecca like myself, there’s a welder out there who’s bringing home five times what I make! Good for Michael, and I hope his career path works out for him!

    1. It made me mad when the school kept pushing college on Michael after he’d already told them he was going to a tech school. He was getting pissed off about their constant badgering. I wish I had learned a trade like welding!

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