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Places I Had No Time To Sit


The theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week (last week, really) is outdoor seating. I wanted to get out to take new photos but I was busy during the only nice weather we had this weekend. So, I’m digging through my archives and I’m going to throw this post together the same way I took most of these photos – in a big hurry!

Why the big hurry? The hurry in posting is that I have grocery shopping to do and I have to go to the hellishly busy store today. Earlier is better, although it’s probably already too late to beat the really annoying people.

This next photo shows why the hurry in snapping most of these shots. If you look beyond the brick wall, you can see Don and Smarty already moving on.


I snapped these last two at Flowing Lake Park last May. There was no sitting there either. Smarty was on a mission to sniff every inch of the park. The scenery around the picnic table is pretty typical of what you would see in most of our Western Washington campgrounds.




I love going places with Don and Smarty but they’re not the most photography friendly companions. Well, mostly Smarty isn’t. Don doesn’t drag me around or complain but I still feel bad making him wait for me.


12 thoughts on “Places I Had No Time To Sit

  1. I’m usually out and about by myself. But I’m very thankful that my best friend who I occasionally travel with also enjoys taking photos. I know that if I want to stop somewhere she’ll be out happily snapping away also. I know from past experience what it feels like to be with a non-enthusiast, even if they never complain.

    1. It’s great your best friend is a fellow photographer! I should just go out more by myself but I don’t like driving. I need a chauffeur and someone to doggy sit while I’m gone!

  2. Unique perspective of the picnic table. It would be an interest look if you tried cropping the buildings from the last bench photo. Just an idea. πŸ™‚ Enjoyed your posting, Trisha.

      1. Actually when I was slowly scrolling your post, the cropping happened spontaneously and I had a vision. Ha ha! Just try that if you want and get a visual first. The photo was beautiful either way. Don’t do extra work because of me. I’m not a fan of cropping myself. I just saw a possibility. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  3. I would at least have wanted to stop and sit on that last bench. It is hard to take photographs when you are with non photography friends. David was always good about it because he liked to take them himself. I used to feel more badly about making him wait for me in shopping centres although he always said he didn’t mind. My sister is usually not too bad although she doesn’t have the patience to wait while I take umpteen pictures of the same thing. On holidays she had her own camera though so she was busy taking shots as well and we had an unspoken agreement that if our photography plans diverged we would split up. Dogs on the other hand could not care less about photography.

    1. LOL! No, dogs couldn’t care less about photography! I stopped to take photos of some flowers this morning and Smarty didn’t like it one bit. It’s great that your sister enjoyed taking photos on your trip too.

    1. I agree! Smarty just doesn’t see outings as a chance to relax though. He’s always in a big hurry to find the next thing to pee on. πŸ™‚

    1. I loved the colors and the light that day I took the photo of the table and chairs with the leaves. I wish I hadn’t felt rushed so I could have gotten more photos.

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