Sunset at Silver Lake


Sunday evening we decided to take Smarty for a ride in the car. He’d been for three rides with Don the day before but I don’t think his weekend feels complete unless he gets to go somewhere with his mom and dad. (Yes, we call ourselves Mom and Dad to the dog!)

We’d only gone a few miles when the sky began to clear after an extremely dark and rainy day. Since it was suddenly sunny and not raining, I suggested we stop and take Smarty for a short walk at Silver Lake. The sky was so very March-like with sun and dramatic rain clouds drifting around, which made it perfect for taking photos with the HDR setting on my iPhone camera. Silver Lake really isn’t as pretty as it looks here, being a lake surrounded by houses and apartments on one side and a busy road on the other. It sounds and looks very city-like, with the constant noise of traffic and some sketchy-looking people around. And it was very cold! Still, I enjoyed being out at sunset with the skies looking as dramatic as they were.

Next weekend, I’m hoping to go on a longer adventure up to the tulip fields in the Skagit Valley. The weather, as usual for spring, is making planning this difficult. Every time I look at the forecast for the weekend it’s different. First Saturday looked nice, now it looks rather iffy and Sunday looks better, although nowhere near as nice as the rest of the work week looks. I love how changeable our weather is in the spring but it sure makes it hard to plan anything!


20 thoughts on “Sunset at Silver Lake

  1. p.s. I’ve owned my current camera for a little over a year now, and I still have yet to try the HDR mode. I keep forgetting it exists! (My old camera is 10 years old, so doesn’t have it.) I have enough trouble remembering everything else, like the other day when I didn’t check ISO and was unnecessarily shooting at 400.

    1. I have enough trouble remembering everything else too! That darn ISO, about 1/4 of the time I just can’t remember to adjust it. I’ve only used the HDR setting on my “real” camera successfully a few times. It works really well when there are areas of bright sunlight and dark shade. If it’s too dark, it takes the series of photos slow enough to require a tripod, which I am generally too lazy to drag out. The iPhone camera seems to snap several shots all at once somehow, so slowness hasn’t been a problem with it. I use the HDR setting for all my iPhone landscape shots. It brings out so much more color and contrast.

    1. I use it on my iPhone camera all the time but only rarely on my Sony. It does work really well when there are areas of bright sun and dark shade but I usually forget to use it.

    1. That would be an interesting one! I need to get better at taking pictures while pretending to text. I’ve seen a lot of interesting characters lately!

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