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Tip Toe Through the Tulips


When I saw that the theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge was alleys, driveways, parking lots and dirt roads, I planned to go to Snohomish to take pictures of some of the alleys in the historic residential area. I’ve always been kind of fascinated by alleys, for some reason. Maybe it’s because they’re kind of an old-fashioned thing and I’ve always loved old houses. And maybe I like the idea of being able to hide my car behind my house so no one will know I’m home. Either way, because of my nearly every day last week migraines, I didn’t get out to lurk in the alleys behind people’s homes. So, I have to settle for sharing the dirt roads in the tulip fields, which is really no hardship.

Some of the dirt roads made me feel like tip toeing because they were muddy. Even though the ground looked solid, it was very squishy in some places.


Looking east, are the hills that are so familiar to me. Just another thing I didn’t appreciate when I lived in the Skagit Valley!


I tried to get Don and Smarty to pose for me on one road but Smarty wouldn’t sit down or even hold still for more than five seconds. He was really hyped up and wanting to go, go, go the whole time. He must have really been a handful when he was a young dog.


After the parking area closed, the dirt road on the edge of the fields became a place for people to gather and talk.


After this experience, I’ve decided I like dirt roads just as much as alleys. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Tip Toe Through the Tulips

    1. It would be a long drive for you! It was an hour drive for us and my husband said he wouldn’t drive any further than that to see the fields. 🙂

  1. Great dirt roads! I love alleys in too. I learned to ride a bike in the dirt and gravel alley behind our house in Snohomish on a neighbor boy’s second hand bike. Not exactly a smooth ride, but the incentive to learn to stay upright is very high!

    1. LOL! Yes, I understand! The roads where I grew up were really jagged gravel with some kind of adhesive substance over the top of it to hold it there. I still have scars from skidding down the road after flying off my bike! Gravel, with the danger of wheels slipping sideways, must have been even scarier to learn on though.

    1. I must confess, I had no idea who Tiny Tim was. When you mentioned him in your post, the only Tiny Tim I could think of was the one in A Christmas Carol and I was confused. Maybe the connection was buried somewhere in my brain for this title to pop into my head. I feel like the mud from the tulip fields somehow lodged in my brain while I was tip toeing through it!

        1. I’ve always been exceptionally out of touch with who is who and who was who! The movies everyone has seen, I haven’t. The songs everyone has heard, I somehow haven’t. I just kind of live in my own little world, I guess. But it’s okay – there are no Kardashians here!

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