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Squirrel in the House!


We had some warm weather this week so I left the slider open for a little while each day. The kids (or, more likely, the cats) destroyed the screen years ago, so when my slider is open, it’s wide open for whatever happens to find its way into my house. We don’t have a lot of bugs here, so flies and such aren’t a problem. Occasionally, a dragonfly will find its way in and we have to capture it and release it outside. We’ve also had to chase down Steller’s Jays and, let me tell you, that is not easy. They’re fast and their beaks are kind of big and scary close-up!

Our squirrel friends are the critters that most often find their way into the house. I can’t even count how many times I’ve yelled, “squirrel in the house!” Usually, they just come in to raid the bag of peanuts that I keep by the back door but, once in awhile, something will startle one, driving it further into the house, or one will just get curious and decide to wander into the living room to check things out. We’ve had squirrel chases go round and round the dining room table and, years ago, we had one climb the fake Ficus tree that sat between the dining room and living room.

Yesterday, I was walking into the kitchen when suddenly a squirrel appeared in the doorway to the dining room. I think it went for the peanuts and was surprised to see Scooby sleeping right beside the bag. It ran back out when it saw me, then waited for me to hand it a peanut. They’re very polite little burglars!

This morning, I opened the door to let Scooby in and a squirrel came in right behind him. It stopped inside the doorway and waited for me to bend down to get a peanut out of the bag.

Although I didn’t get any pictures of my visitors yesterday or this morning, I did find a series of one raiding the peanut bag last fall.




They apparently have very good noses because, if I put the peanuts in the box/basket thing in the other corner, they still find them.

We plan to replace the ancient slider soon. I’m a little worried that the squirrels will gnaw through the new screen to get to their peanuts!


26 thoughts on “Squirrel in the House!

  1. How cute!!! They must love their little self service eatery! It won’t be long before you see one grab a handful of peanuts at the door, then wander into the living room to crash on the couch and watch some TV…

    1. You’re probably right about that! When Shorty came wandering in last fall he looked like he was scoping out a place to hang. I’ll have to start hosting squirrel movie nights soon!

  2. I’m sorry but I had to laugh and call my hubby over to look at the photos. Our back yard is full of the little creatures and we curse them when they steal our tomatoes and zucchini before they get ripe.

    1. My husband was cursing them yesterday when he pressure washed the deck and it took forever to get the peanut shells out of the cracks.

      They steal our cherries before they get ripe but I had no idea they would steal tomatoes and zucchini. I guess it’s just as well that I’ve never tried to grow either! I have no idea how you could stop them from getting into stuff.

  3. Though I think I’d be a little freaked out by the squirrels getting in the house, I still find it very cute that they come into the house to raid the peanut bag lol. We have a screen on our slider (on our 4th floor balcony) which I tend to leave slightly open so that my cat can go in and out on the balcony as she pleases, when weather permits anyway. Last year I forgot to close said screen and went out to run errands. When I came back, I called out to Lucy, who never appeared. I eventually found her cowering under the printer cart. I soon found out why my big bad (used to be) bird killer was hiding. There was a bird in the house. Now that Lucy doesn’t have claws anymore, she isn’t nearly as big and bad as she used to be. I closed all the interior doors, opened the screen all the way, and went upstairs to shoo it off of it’s perch in hopes it would fly right out the door. Eventually it did. I like to look at birds, but I damn sure don’t like them in my house… I was almost as scared as the cat. Almost… I didn’t run and hide and wait for someone to come home to deal with it for me lol.

    1. I love that too. It’s fun to watch them break into the bag. When the bag gets more empty they sometimes have to climb all the way inside it to get a nut. I’m always afraid one is going to feel trapped and freak out but, so far, they just turn around and run back out.

  4. Aren’t they cheeky? I love that they stand and wait for you to give them a peanut. I guess to them your kitchen is the local takeaway restaurant. Maybe you will have to install a cat flap in your new door for Scooby and the squirrels.

    1. We have a cat flap and I’m really surprised they haven’t tried to use it. Before we got a dog, the raccoons used it a few times but the squirrels have never tried, at least not that I know of!

    1. Yes, they really are becoming like part of the family. We plan to move in two years and I think, when it comes right down to it, it’s going to be hard to leave them!

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