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Scooby and the Table


Scooby’s favorite place to sleep is right inside the cat door. I think he likes to lay there so Trouble and Frosty can’t use the cat door. I often find Trouble or Frosty standing at the back door, all wet and bedraggled from standing in the rain because Scooby is blocking the cat door so they can’t get in. He also likes to trap the dog on the stairs. He’s a jerk to the other animals!

Sometimes he likes to change up his little game by hiding and then pouncing on the other cats or the dog when they try to pass through. I suspect that’s what he was doing on the day I found him sitting on the bottom tier of the table by the back door.

Waiting for his next victim.

As I walked around taking pictures of him, he just looked at me like, “what?”

Don’t you have better things to do?

Scooby has always been such a funny kitty. And don’t let his mean eyes fool you. He’s really sweet…at least to his human subjects.


18 thoughts on “Scooby and the Table

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Scooby is directly related to trolls or a reincarnation of one. He would probably really enjoy having some billy goats to block!

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