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Romaine Calm


I found this sign at McAuliffe’s Valley Nursery and thought it was so cute. I didn’t buy it, of course, because it would just end up getting broken or shot with a BB gun like all my garden stuff. Such is life when you’re the mother of boys….*sigh*

I also loved the interior of the garden shed that housed the sign.


I wish I had a shed like this. I would keep all my breakable stuff in it and hang a sign on the door that says, “No Boys Allowed.”

Now that I’ve thought more about it, I should have bought the sign. I often need a reminder to “romaine calm” when dealing with my youngest child, who just managed to fail an open book Driver’s Ed test. Open book! How do you fail an open book test?

Breathe in, breathe out…romaine calm.


8 thoughts on “Romaine Calm

  1. lol! Just to be fair to youngest child, I also used to fail open book test because the teachers make it SO HARD to actually find the answers in the book. I swear they picked the tiniest details out of the text just to make you search forever during the test. Very frustrating. I did, however; pass Driver’s Ed with flying colors…sooo….. haha. I love that little garden shed!! LOVE it! It def. needs a “No Boys Allowed” sign πŸ™‚

    1. You’re right – teachers do make even open book tests hard! I remember trying to help my kids with their homework and reading through the text over and over trying to find the answers. So, I could understand if this were anything but Driver’s Ed!

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