Photo Challenge Entries

Tulip Earth

Tulip Earth

This week the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to point our cameras at something familiar and use a unique perspective to turn it into something else. I turned a row of tulips into what looks like a whole planet of tulips by taking a photo of the row of tulips from down low, making it look like a path through a forest of tulips, and then tinkering around with it in the Circular app by Brain Fever Media. The result: Tulip Earth!


23 thoughts on “Tulip Earth

    1. It’s funny how I don’t like to edit the photos out of my camera but I love playing around with iPhone photos and different apps. I just need to remember to take more photos with my iPhone.

    1. I welcome any black hole that will suck up all the hot weather, even if it takes all the flowers along too! Today it’s 42 and raining and I’m so much happier than when it was 90 and sunny.

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