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My Fierce Protector


Yesterday morning I tried to administer the dog’s ear medication by myself. Smarty freaked out and kept trying to get away so I tried to back him into the corner, just long enough to get a squirt of the medicine into his ear. I didn’t yell at him and he wasn’t doing anything except for try to get away but Scooby thought I needed rescuing. He came flying across the living room, a ball of fur and fury, claws flailing at the dog. I had to jump in between them to prevent a fight. Somehow, I got the medicine in Smarty’s ear and he trotted off through the kitchen and Scooby chased after him, swatting at his behind! I had to jump in between them two more times before Scooby finally calmed down.

Although my previous cat, Sassafras, was a fierce protector and regularly beat up on the dog for coming too close to me or her son, Frosty, such courage from Scooby surprised me. He was always the cat who hid when a strange dog or cat came in our yard. He would wait until one of the other cats chased the invader away and then come strutting out with his chest all puffed up like he was the tough guy that defended their turf. Just a few days ago, I saw him back down from a baby rat who raised its tiny paw toward his face. But, for me, he was willing to take on the dog that outweighs him by 80 lbs!

He loves me. I can tell by the way he’s been staring at me lately. It’s kind of a surprise, really, that he became my beloved companion. He didn’t seem to like me much for the first 11 years of his life. For many years, my oldest son, Michael was the only person he liked. But now, after more than a decade of working to win him over, he’s my closest kitty companion and my fierce protector.

Scooby in one of his little forts, having a more peaceful morning than yesterday

Every day, I am grateful for this sweet, funny kitty with the mean, green eyes. Even when he causes extra sweeping and vacuuming with his love of rolling in the dirt.



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