Photo Challenge Entries

Red and Yellow


I was hoping to get out to take some new photos for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge theme of red and yellow but, as has been the case for the past few months, it just didn’t happen. So, you’re getting an odd assortment of stuff from my archives. As usual, I will be talking liberties with the colors. Sometimes it’s hard for me to decide if something is orange or yellow. Today anything close to yellow should be considered yellow.


I took the above photo of a car fender at the Memorial Day car show in Everett last year, which is somehow right around the corner again. Where did the last year go?


I know, the spots of light in the background are more orange than yellow. But, before you complain, you should know that I’m kind of grumpy today.


Yes, more tulips.


Metal chickens are apparently a thing. I see a lot of them around.


We ate the Cascadia Grill in Olympia when we were in Olympia during last summer’s mega heat wave. Their food was really good but their air conditioning was broken. What I like about the sign is the name – Cascadia. Recently, I learned that there is a small movement to create a new country out of the Pacific Northwest region and name it Cascadia. It’s an interesting idea….


24 thoughts on “Red and Yellow

    1. Thank you! I wish I could have gotten sharper focus and better contrast on that rose. I struggle with flowers that are all the same color, particularly roses.

    1. Thank you, Cee! I’m glad I was able to come up with something. I’ve been wanting to participate in more challenges but usually just can’t get it together in time.

  1. Hi Trisha. For feeling grumpy, you posted a wonderful display. I find that when red and yellow are next to each other, at times the yellow tends to look orange to the eye. A trick of the mind or camera that likes to blend colors. 🙂

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