Happy News


My Dad called about 5:00 yesterday afternoon – from the comfort of his recliner at home. He still has AFib and will need to follow up with a cardiologist but he’s home and very, very happy about it.

I’m about a week and half late sharing this news but we have baby squirrels again! At least two, the small one above and one that’s a little bigger. They’re much less skittish than the babies we had here last fall. The only things that make them jump for a hiding place are Smarty running out on the deck and me throwing peanuts out. I guess a sudden burst of peanuts raining down from above would be a little frightening at first!



It was so fun to watch them explore the deck and the pergola on their first visit, all shaky, clumsy and unsure of themselves. Their presence doesn’t help my determination to make the squirrels fend for themselves more though. I’ll probably drag my tired, achy self to the store today, just because we’re out of squirrel food. :/

Also good news on this chilly but partly sunny Friday morning is that Smarty seems more like his old self today, barking at the cats through the window when they’re trying to eat their canned food in peace, chasing squirrels off the deck, and barking, snarling and lunging at children on their way to school. It’s good to have the old psycho Smarty back, even though his dislike of children makes the morning walk rather difficult at times.


Whatever makes Smarty happy makes us happy, even if it’s terrorizing kids. 🙂

Right now what’s making Smarty happy is snoozing next to Frosty on one of the rugs in my office.


They act like they don’t like each other but I think they do, at least a little bit.


22 thoughts on “Happy News

    1. I didn’t even notice that you used the wrong “your.” I know the difference but, the older I get, the more often I find myself typing the wrong one!

  1. I’ve missed reading your posts. I have them all saved and intend to get back to visit soon. We have some young squirrels, too. So funny to watch them. We have family coming this week, and I have a devotion to write, too. I will be back!

    1. I hope to catch up on your blog soon too! It’s hard to keep up with so many things going on. I hope you get to enjoy those baby squirrels!

  2. Such happy news! Glad Dad is home and that Smarty is back to his usual self. The baby squirrels are adorable! 🙂 Hope you’re hanging in there too… ❤

    1. I’m hanging in there. Not feeling good is getting really, really old though. I hope you are doing well. I’m loving the photos of your adorable granddaughter!

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