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Two’s a Crowd


Things are crazy in the squirrel world right now. They’re suddenly all ravenous, chowing down everything I put out for them in a matter of hours. These two were so hungry and determined that they were willing to share the feeder!

For the past few days, the sound of scuffling, squeaky and squawking has been constant during the day light hours. Sometimes it sounds like someone is rearranging the furniture on my deck and, when I look out, there’s no one there except for squirrels, often as many as five or six atย a time. Some of their chases have been so wild that I’m afraid to step outside for fear that I will be climbed like a tree!

I’m guessing that all this wild activity means mating season is on and, with the squirrel population already booming the way it is, that worries me a little!


23 thoughts on “Two’s a Crowd

  1. Yeah, your ever so spoiled squirrels are about to train a new generation to steal food from you lol Not for nothing, but I love how that one squirrel has the audacity to sit on the head of the other one on his (or her) quest for food.

    1. I love that they stayed put while I got my camera! Usually, by the time I grab my camera they’ve stopped doing whatever cute, funny thing they were doing.

    1. They really entertaining. I’ve had a hard time getting anything done lately because they’re constantly up to something that I want to watch.

    1. That’s part of the problem! They’re so cute I just can’t deny them. I clean up all the peanut shells, vow to cut them off from peanuts and they peek in the window with their cute little faces and I hand over more peanuts for them to shell on my deck furniture.

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