Sharing My World – Week 22


With Memorial Day being this past Monday here in the U.S., Cee’s Share Your World questions are all about holidays.

Every country in the world has lost men and women in some kind of Armed Forces.  When does your country celebrate or mourn their deaths? Memorial Day is supposed to be the day that we remember those who gave their lives for our country. But, because of the time of year, Memorial Day is more often seen as a three day weekend to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. Personally, I think we should move Memorial Day to another time of year and call the last Monday in May something else.

What is your favorite holiday or holidays? I must confess – I am not a fan of holidays. I want to be. They are a great time to bring family together. But, sadly this is how I see holidays: Holidays = extra work + loss of freedom.  Extra work and having no time to do the things I want to do makes me very grumpy and resentful.  I know it’s just a matter of attitude so I’m working on it, but I always feel more holiday dread than I do anticipation. I do enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas once I’m there and all the prep work is done. But I’m also glad when they’re over and I can get back to my usual routine and have free time again.

All of us in the Pearson house get grumpy any time we have to be anywhere at a certain time. We all like free, unstructured days best.

My favorite holiday is Halloween, not really the day so much but the weeks leading up to it. I love the time of year with the crisp mornings and the leaves changing and I actually love the things we do to get ready for Halloween, like making ghost cookies, going to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins we probably won’t get around to carving and putting up fall decorations.

Scooby checks out the new Halloween kitty


How do you celebrate that holiday?  Now that the kids are older, Don and I go to the pumpkin patch by ourselves. I miss having the boys there but I still enjoy walking around, picking out pumpkins and indulging in apple cider doughnuts and whatever other irresistible treats we find at The Farm at Swan’s Trail, our favorite pumpkin patch. It’s the one thing I will brave crowds to do.

Usually, when I see this many people I want to run away.


Now that the boys don’t dress up to go trick-or-treating, we just stay home and hand out treats to the neighborhood kids. Halloween night itself is kind of boring these days. I would love it if we all dressed up and set up a haunted house for all our trick-or-treaters but it never seems to happen. It would take too much shopping.

It’s interesting that one of my problem with holidays is that they’re not meaningful anymore and yet my favorite holiday is the last meaningful of them all. I guess maybe it’s the non-holiday-ness of Halloween that I like. We can do all the Halloween things whenever we feel like it and not on any certain day at any certain time.


5 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 22

  1. I hate holidays for the same reason you do… loss of routine! Obviously not the work routine, but the things that are different from an ordinary day…

    Over time, every holiday will eventually be hijacked by elements that have nothing to do with the observation itself. Back when people were calling for a September 11th federal holiday, I wondered if people were really prepared for a future of HUGE SEPTEMBER 11TH SALES… because it would happen. Give people the day off work, and consumer businesses will throw out all common decency to get those people in their stores…

  2. I think that does happen with a lot of holidays, they become about commericalism and having a long weekend. I think it is a good thing that our ANZAC Day holiday is always held on the correct day because that means that it often falls in the middle of the week. There is a lot of assosciated merchandise and events but apart from the big football match most are held on the closest weekend rather than on the day so it retains more of it’s meaning.
    It was interesting to hear about Halloween as it’s not such a big thing here although commercial interests are tryiing to make it into one. We get the merchadise being pushed but without things like going to the pumpkin patch which sounds like fun. We used to get a few kids out trick or treating when we lived in Adelaide but not the masses of children dressed in costumes out with their parents that we know of from television and the movies.
    It is a shame when a holiday becomes a chore and I’ve heard many women talk about Christmas that way, probably because they are the ones that do most of the work. It’s hard when you have to live up to family expectations and external pressure to do things a certain way when you’d really prefer something more simple.

  3. I used to resent holidays too, but that is merely because in the last 20 years I never had the health or money to go anywhere different or actually celebrate a holiday. I’m not a fan of Christmas since all ‘the little children’ grew up (around me) and I’m single anyway so don’t have children of my own.

    In retirement from full-time work, every day is the same (to me). There is no weekend, just more crowds.

    Sad really, isn’t it. I must admit I don’t even have the energy to socialise these days.

  4. I like Christmas but not the build-up. Time was, no-one thought about Christmas until a couple of weeks before. Now it seems the shops can’t get the Halloween merchandise off the shelves fast enough so they can stock them with Christmas decorations. Don’t get me started on Easter 🙂

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