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Snoozy Squirrel



Apparently I’m not the only one finding it impossible to stay awake on these long late spring/early summer afternoons. A few days ago, I found this squirrel dozing on my deck railing. A half hour later, I looked out again and was surprised to see it still snoozing away, looking even more relaxed with its leg beginning to slide off the railing and its tail flopping over behind it.


It slept through Daniel and I arguing right on the other side of the window. He wanted to shoot his pellet gun in the back yard and I didn’t want him to disturb Snoozy. Eventually, he fired off a shot and Snoozy barely moved! The squirrels seem to regard my deck as a safe zone and no matter what happens to them there – getting batted at by Scooby, chased by the dog or having pellets sail by a few feet away – they just come back a few minutes later like nothing happened. Or, like in Snoozy’s case, they don’t run away at all.

In warm weather, it seems like the squirrels can be suddenly overcome with sleepiness and just drop right where they are. I can relate. That’s pretty much how I’ve been feeling lately!



21 thoughts on “Snoozy Squirrel

  1. I’ve seen them lay on the same tree branch for an hour or more during the hottest days of the summer. If your squirrels can’t even be scared away by pellets being fired in their vicinity, you sure have a bunch with nuts of steel!!!

    1. That’s how it is for me away from my back yard. I don’t know how our friend Evil Squirrel manages to get all those great shots of squirrels in the park!

      1. I’ve always dreaded having brush tail possums around as they can be pests too, but one of my friends has had a resident one in her back porch roof for 15 years. She feeds her and has watched her have her babies in tow every year. It’s quite amazing to see. It’s all ones perspective I suppose.

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