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Funny Little Critters


When I saw the squirrel above hanging off the back of the feeder, I thought I would never get my camera ready before it moved into a more normal position. I was wrong! This little guy/gal was perfectly comfortable eating upside down and stayed this way until another squirrel came along. I wonder if it is related to the squirrel that I called Odin.


A new favorite of mine is a squirrel that I call Baldy.


She looks kind of mangy but she’s the boldest, friendliest of the bunch. Sometimes when I open the door to let the cats out, she tries to walk in right under their feet, which occasionally earns her a clawless smack from Scooby. She doesn’t seem bothered. I think that she thinks she can open the door because sometimes as we slide it open, she puts her paws on the edge and appears to be pushing. If we didn’t have a dog, I think she would venture far into the house looking for that tall, talking nut dispenser (me).

On Sunday, when it was so hot, I looked out on the deck and couldn’t believe my eyes.


There were three squirrels lounging on one chair! I snapped this first bad photo, thinking they would get up when they saw me. They didn’t so I moved to try to get better lighting.


Two of them stayed, looking absolutely wilted in the heat, but one got up and started grooming the others.


No post of mine with funny critters would be complete without a photo of Scooby, my funny cat with troll-like tendencies. He likes to sleep just inside the cat door so the other cats can’t use it. When I left the door open, he had to work harder to block the entrance/exit but he managed to stretch out long enough to do it!

What? I just felt like stretching a bit.


We obviously need to paint our deck but I’m not sure how we’re going to be able to now that it’s become a squirrel hangout. Often there are as many as six at a time on the deck. Somehow, I don’t think they’re going to pay any attention to wet paint signs!

I can tell that I’ve haven’t used commas properly in many places but I don’t feel like fixing it so just go ahead and judge me for my bad punctuation! 🙂


21 thoughts on “Funny Little Critters

  1. My squirrels at the corn feeder will always either climb up onto the nearest branch after picking off a kernel, or will remain there to hang upside down while eating it. I’ve never seen a squirrel ear right side up while hanging off the side of something. Just the thought of trying to eat upside down makes me a little ill…

    Those wilted squirrels are so cute! And how lovely that they know where the party deck is! The word about free peanuts spreads very fast!

    1. It sure does! Sometimes it’s almost scary how many squirrels are in the yard and on the deck at once. I feel like I’m in the squirrel version of The Birds! 🙂

  2. What a great capture getting 3 squirrels on the one seat.
    (forget the commas – they’re just full stops that have been smudged to include a tail 🙂 )

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