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Scooby’s New Thing

Taken this morning: “Yeah, I’m here. What are you going to do about it?”


Scooby has a morning thing, something he does every morning for months before switching to a new thing. Often that thing is sleeping in the middle of the dining room table with a defiant look on this face.

January 2014- He seemed angry that I put the Christmas table cloth away.


Since we eat at the table, I’m not fond of this particular thing. I broke him of this habit last fall by putting my Halloween kitty in the middle of the dining room table.

Scooby checking out his middle of the dining room table replacement.


For the past few months, his thing has been to sleep in front of the cat door so Frosty and Trouble can’t get in or out. This week, I can tell he’s been on the search for a new/old thing.  I found a telltale pile of papers on the living room floor twice. One of his old things was to scratch a pile of papers out onto the floor to make a nest out of.

Scooby doing the paper thing.


He must have found the hardback book that’s been added to the pile a bit uncomfortable because he didn’t nap there after making a mess out of the papers and he’s back to the middle of the dining room table thing.

I wish he’d stick with climbing into boxes, bags or piles of stuff.



New school clothes make the perfect bed!

He’s such a funny kitty, so kitten-like for his almost-fourteen years. I adore him.

But now I have to go wash the table cloth and placemats because he added grooming to his thing and there are chunks of fur everywhere. :/


21 thoughts on “Scooby’s New Thing

  1. Nice scooby… nice. How’d your cat end up with the name of a dog? I can’t complain much though, my first cat was named Jerry… after the mouse.

    1. Jerry is a cute name for a cat! My kids were 6 and 2 and very into Scooby Doo when we got Scooby and his brother Trouble. Scooby was a compromise. My 2-year-old wanted to name him Kitty Witty.

  2. Lovely pictures of Scooby. You must have the patience of a saint as I wouldn’t be so tolerant of his sitting on the tables (where one eats).

    1. Thank you! He’s got such a cute personality. The poor kitty is looking pretty ratty right now because his fur gets so thin in the summer.

  3. No matter where Scooby is in your pics or what he’s doing. he has this great expression on his face – “yes, I’m here doing my thing, is there a problem? no, thought not, kindly go away and leave me to my thing” 🙂

    1. He’s always been the kind of cat to find odd places to make beds. He has changed as he’s aged though. He’s become much sweeter and demands to be the center of attention, where he used to just kind of skirt around the edges of the house.

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