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I Don’t Feel So Good


Yesterday afternoon, Don, Daniel and I returned from a road trip to the Tri-Cities for a baseball tournament. Michael, my oldest son who just turned 20 a couple of weeks ago, was supposed to feed my squirrel friends for me while I was gone. He claims the feeder never got empty, which he could tell because he saw squirrels eating out of it all through the weekend. The little guy above tells a different story! He came to sit on the pergola while Don and I were out sitting on the deck and he appeared to hold his tummy while staring at me. It looks like he has a tummy ache but I think he was saying, “Mom, I was so hungry while you were gone!”

So, my poor squirrel friends starved while I was gone.  (Can’t you tell from the photo?) Also, the fridge and pantry were emptied, dishes and crumbs piled up, Frosty completely trashed the upstairs bathroom with vomit, pee, poop and litter, Trouble left huge clumps of his fur all over the carpet and, when I got up this morning, it looked like the cats had a barfing contest outside my bedroom door and at the top of the stairs. All this makes it a pretty typical Monday except that I don’t feel so good. Daniel came down with a coughing thing week before last and he’s been generously sharing it with everyone, including me. I had a cough all last week, felt worse over the weekend and feel really, really bad today. I cleaned up all the stuff that came from inside of a cat but everything is just going to have to wait until I feel better. Except for my squirrel friends, of course. They are now happily chomping on corn, nuts and seed, their weekend of neglect forgotten.

I will return soon with the few pictures I took on my road trip, plus all the boring details!


16 thoughts on “I Don’t Feel So Good

  1. Adorable photo! Hope you feel better soon. The coughing doesn’t sound good though, it should be getting better after a week, not worse.

    1. It’s a really weird virus! For the first week it feels like it’s not going to amount to anything but an occasional annoying cough. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks. The rumor going around the high school is that the band kids brought it back from New York. Thanks a lot New York! 🙂

  2. Hope you feel better soon. It’s hard to even think about cleaning stuff when you are not well. Should I ask who you are going to believe, Michael or the squirrels? Obviously they didn’t think he put out enough food and couldn’t wait to tell on him.

    1. LOL! It did seem like they were telling on him! Even though I think they are being overly dramatic, I know how fast they gobble up food so I’m going to go with the squirrels on this one. Never has a handful of food lasted throughout an entire weekend.

  3. Sounds like you and all your furry friends are unwell 😦
    That’s such a cute picture! It looks like he’s been tucking into the chileh while you were away and is now regretting it.
    Hope you get better soon!

  4. Not that I don’t usually stick up for my furry friends, but I’ve seen squirrels do that starvation act before right after I’ve already watched them gorge themselves on a whole cob of corn. Heaven forbid the feeder go dry for even one millisecond!

    I hope you and your tummy hurting squirrels all feel better soon!

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