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Fountain of Vitality


I found this bubbling fountain at McAuliffe’s Valley Nursery back in March, when fresh new life was just beginning to burst forth out of the earth.

I only wish it were the Fountain of Vitality. I need to find one. I just can’t kick the sick from this awful cough/cold thing.

*In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fountains, but apparently links aren’t working today.


14 thoughts on “Fountain of Vitality

  1. I didn’t have any trouble with links early this morning, but it was giving me fits a couple days ago when I was first trying to format my Magnuson post.

  2. Lots of homemade chicken soup made with copious amounts of garlic and fresh ginger slices should help. If you cook about 30 cloves of garlic with the chicken, celery, carrot & some parsley until soft and disintegrating, it won’t give you a garlic breath. Steam inhalations with thyme and/or tea tree essential oil also helps eradicate viruses.

    I rarely get a cold or cough since being diagnosed with FM in 2006 and getting medication to help me sleep. Deep restful restorative sleep helps eradicate so many chronic health conditions and seems to help the body’s immune system.

    It also helps that now I’m not working and with minimal contact with the public in general and enclosed spaces, I’m not exposed to viruses and bacterial infections. Before 2006, I got every cough, cold and flu travelling around my workplace.

    Still have a problem with intermittent sore throats though and some of this is contact with paint, carpets, chemicals, moulds & foods that do not agree with me (I assume), since I have MCS.

    I need fresh air.

    1. A good, strong bone broth sounded really good to me over the weekend but I just couldn’t summon up the energy or ambition to go get the stuff for it. I, too, have the intermittent sore throats but rarely actually come down with viruses. My immune system, though wonky, seems to be pretty strong. That’s probably why I didn’t bother with taking my usual frequent doses of antiviral herbs when I felt this thing coming on. I sure wish I would have!

      1. My ‘intermittent’ current sore throat finally deteriorated and I think I actually have laryngitis (voice is hoarse) or an upper respiratory infection. Chicken soup WAS in the fridge, but none left today and I’ve run out of garlic anyway. Plenty of everything else to make some more chicken soup though….. ๐Ÿ™‚

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