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Sharing My World – Week 26

I sat typing out the answers to this week’s Share Your World questions right as I was supposed to be sitting in the dentist office. I completely forgot about the appointment that I just confirmed Sunday evening. Oops!

What’s your most memorable (good or bad) airplane flight? The most memorable flight I’ve had was our flight to Maui in 2009. It was the first time we’d ever taken the kids on a plane and I was terrified, mostly because of a recurring dream that I have about getting on a plane and being hit with a premonition that it’s going to blow up as soon as it takes off. I cried a little as we took off, mostly because I worried about poor Baby Dog in the kennel. What would happen to her after we died in a fiery explosion? The flight over the Pacific was pretty uneventful but that didn’t stop me from wondering how we could possibly survive a water landing out in the middle of the ocean. The descent to Maui was very windy. The plane shook and rocked from side to side but I was distracted from worrying about that because Daniel, who was only nine at the time, was frantic with pain in his ears from the pressure change. When we got off the plane, I was so amazed that we were actually there which made me realize I thought dying in a fiery explosion was a more likely outcome!

This was totally worth the five and half hours of terror!


How many bones, if any, have you broken? I may have had my nose cracked or broken by a baby horse running into me, but I didn’t go to the doctor so I don’t know if it actually got broken or if it just hurt like hell. I’m pretty sure I broke my pinky toe on the leg of the coffee table once but I didn’t go to the doctor for that either, since there’s really nothing that can be done for it.

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be? (guest can be dead, alive, famous or someone you just know) I could not have a talk show because I hate talk shows! Their very existence irritates me. I would, however, like to interview Christopher Columbus to see if he’s worthy of having a holiday on our calendar for discovering something that was already discovered.

Make a Currently List: What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating, needing, wanting, and missing right now?

Reading: I just finished The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. The ending made me cry more than any book I’ve ever read.

Watching: TURN: Washington’s Spies. A lot happened last week! Benedict Arnold’s treachery was discovered and Major Andre was captured. I know his fate but I’m still hoping that somehow he will escape.

Listening to: Bad Company. Don bought tickets to see them in September and I don’t know many of their songs. They were kind of before my time.

Eating: I can’t get enough spaghetti squash or blueberries right now.

Needing: Energy and ambition. That three week cough thing really wiped me out.

Missing: That is the big question for me right now. I have this feeling that something is missing in my life but I have no idea what it is.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I’m just grateful last week is over. It was a weird week. This week, I’m looking forward to a baseball-free weekend. As of now, there are no games on the schedule for the weekend. I’m hoping it stays that way and that we don’t have to make-up any of the games that got rained out. We only have three regular season games and two tournaments to go! I feel kind of guilty for being excited about that. With Daniel being 16, he probably will only play baseball another year or two. I do enjoy watching him play.


I don’t enjoy trying to get those white pants clean though!


19 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 26

  1. I can understand anyone’s apprehension with aeroplane flights these days. There seems to be many disasters. But one must remember that there were probably always accidents or global disasters and that its only the social media and headline news that makes them more obvious in our lives.

    Photojournalists present more graphic photos in their stories today. Media put horrible things at the top of their news lists (instead of happily-ever-after events). So many people love to see the worst (instead of the best in life).

    One needs to put events in their proper perspective and live life fully.

    Funny story to recount here……… In 1976 when I first went to London (and on a 9 week European trip) it was the time of bombings in the London underground (and highjacking in the skies). The first time I travelled on the London underground train service I saw all this blackening on the old tiled tunnels and train platforms. I was a little nervous and wondered if it was black soot from fires & explosions. Took me a while to feel comfortable catching various underground trains all over London and using this transport system. Then one day, I was told the black was continual water seepage built up over the many years and I felt such an idiot to have anxiety about something that was imagined/assumed and from that day on, I decided that “what will be, will be” and you can’t go through life afraid to do things otherwise you’ll never do anything.

    Having said that, I would certainly check out the Government warnings about travel in certain countries if I ever travelled overseas again. No point jumping into the middle of a country with constant civil unrest.

    I love that surf photo, Trisha. Did you take it?

    1. Yes, I took that photo of the boys in the surf with my Canon PowerShot. It’s one of the few really good photos I got with it.

      That’s a funny story about the blackening on the walls of the tunnels and platforms. I probably would have thought the same thing! I’m always nervous about being in enclosed places like that though.

      I’ve crossed a few places off my list of places I would like to travel to someday. So many just aren’t safe anymore.

  2. I guess we all have our apprehensions about flying. I love seeing the ground from above but I do have to stifle thoughts about being miles up in the air in a metal box.
    Bad Company really takes me back. Naomi and I went to see them in the mid seventies. Had no idea they had got back together but then all old rockers do eventually don’t they?

    1. I have to stifle those thoughts about being so high up in a metal tube too. I know thousands of people fly safely every day but it just doesn’t seem safe when you think about how heavy an airplane must be!

      I had no idea Bad Company was back together and touring either! We listened to a song from one of their recent concerts on You Tube and they still sound pretty good.

  3. The only time I ever flew on a plane was to and from my Millionaire show… and while I wasn’t particularly concerned about my first flight, my Mom (Who was only along to see us off) was terrified. Imagine her horror when a couple of repairmen walked by us in the lobby and got onto the plane at the gate to “fix something.” Me and my Dad kept telling her the door was probably ready to fall off… no big deal. We’re so mean….

    1. I don’t understand it either! In Little League he usually had black or gray pants but every year he’s played select the coach has chosen white pants.

  4. In the UK, “squash” is a concentrated juice (usually orange or lemon) you add water to to make a drink. So you can imagine how the words “spaghetti squash” made me do a double-take!

  5. Your photo made it impossible for me not to read your post – it’s so beautiful. I loved the mix of humour and real fear in your story about the plane ride. I’ve had some of those feelings too.

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