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Sharing My World – Week 28


I am still here, still overwhelmed with baseball games, cat messes, fatigue and all-over body aches. The squirrels are still here too and have become quite bold about sneaking in the house to look for peanuts. Day before yesterday, one got a little sidetracked and walked under my chair when I was sitting at the dining room table!

I’d like to think I will get caught up on blog reading this week but, realistically, I don’t just see it happening. Daniel’s end of season tournament is starting tonight so I’ll be on the go much more than I can really handle. The fatigue and body aches will continue until I get more days that I can stay home. The more I go, the more I ache. That’s just the reality of it. It’s a good thing that I’m a homebody by nature!

I feel guilty posting when I am not able to reciprocate with reading but I am going to participate in this week’s Share Your World anyway! (It seems links are still not working for me.)

What is your earliest memory? My earliest memories are kind of creepy. I remember a shadowy boxer dog appearing in the doorway on several occasions. Usually, I would see it in the middle of the night and I would lay frozen, waiting for it to go away so I could run to my mom and dad’s bed. Once it appeared in the doorway in between the kitchen and the living room in the daytime when my mom went to the kitchen to check on whatever she was canning. After we moved to another house, I never saw it again but I apparently still believed in it. My grandma gave me a cloth Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz doll, which I hated. I kept throwing it behind the TV and, when my mom asked me why, I answered, “so the Shadow will get it.” Creepy!

What was the last photo you took with your phone? I took this picture of Frosty sleeping with his nasty, shedding head on my heat wrap.


Before that, I took this one of Smarty giving Daniel kisses.


Have you ever danced in the rain? My body doesn’t do dancing. It’s just too stiff, too slow and too uncoordinated. But I’ve thrown my arms up in the air, twirled around and rejoiced in the return of rain after a long dry spell.

What is the longest you have gone without sleep? I never counted how long but in high school my friend Margaret and I used to take Vivarin (a caffeine pill, I think) and stay up all night.  Alcohol or being in a noisy environment also make sleep impossible for me so I endured many sleepless nights until I learned to avoid both.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Last week was another week that I was just grateful to have over. It was a tough week for me. This week I’m looking forward to the end of the season baseball tournament being over so we can finally know – will we be going to San Jose at the end of the month, or not? The possibility has been hanging over us for months! The boys have done really well in their league. They only lost three games and they easily won the practice league tournament they played in last week. They outscored their opponents 55-7 over the course of the tournament!

Daniel is in the red catcher’s gear

It seemed likely that they would go but then we found out a really good team that mostly plays in an elite league played a few games in our league and are apparently somehow eligible to be in the championship tournament that decides who goes to San Jose. It doesn’t seem right that they could sign up in our league, play just a handful of games while mostly playing in another league and then go to the championship but it may happen. We’ll finally know on Sunday.

I know some of these sentences are a bit convoluted but I don’t have the energy or brainpower to fix them!


15 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 28

  1. 1st…do not worry about visiting other blogs. Blog for you..not for an audience. (This is what I tell myself whenever I feel guilty about not visiting other blogs. It doesn’t always work but at those times I simply tell myself again!) the picture of Daniel and Smarty!
    3rd..throwing your arms up and twirling around IS dancing!
    Always nice to hear from you. Blog when you can and when you want to.

    1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles with guilt over not visiting other blogs! It’s gotten so hard. I can read for an hour and still not find any of the blogs I was hoping to visit. Yours is one I’ve been missing!

  2. Gee, who would have ever guessed amateur baseball could be so shady? The elite teams always get what they want…

    The awesome beard on (I’d assume) Daniel’s coach should be enough to get them to San Jose (Though I’m not sure that would be best for you!)….

    1. The beard belongs to Scott, a parent who stepped up to help with coaching. If we go to San Jose, the beard goes with us! I think his wife said she is giving the beard until November. I’m hoping it will be a good luck charm so we can just beat that elite team. I’m not sure I’ll be able to go but I would love for the team to go. It’s a good group of boys, and I don’t usually like teenagers!

  3. I’m one blogger who knows exactly how you’re feeling and I can’t stress enough…..don’t feel guilty about reciprocating with the reading and/or commenting. I’d type more about your lovely photos, but my neck and shoulders and wrists have been too painful to type much.

    1. I’m sorry to hear your neck, shoulders and wrists are giving you so much trouble. I can’t do much typing these days either because of my neck and shoulders. It’s hard when there isn’t anything you can do that doesn’t hurt!

  4. Only here in the PacNorthwest do we celebrate when it rains again. We are a different breed those of use whole the PacNorthwest. 😀 Thanks for sharing. Your photos are wonderful as always.

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