Hanging Out


One day last week, I looked outside and laughed when I saw this squirrel hanging by its toes to eat. Most of the squirrels hop onto the new feeder from the railing of the deck. This little gal must have approached the feeder from the top and was comfortable enough hanging there to stay put while I went to get my camera.

Another occasional visitor is the new Ratty.


Every so often, a squirrel with all or most of the fur stripped off its tail shows up. I name all of them Ratty. Descriptive names like this are the only way everyone else in the family can remember their names.

I’ve often wondered how their tails end up stripped of fur. My best guess is that a hawk grabs them by the tail and they manage to pull their tail out of the hawk’s grasp, leaving the fur behind. I could be totally wrong but I did find evidence that the hawk has been back. There was another inside-out squirrel skin in my front yard. 😦

Some of the squirrels have gotten a bit too comfortable hanging out in my house. They creep through the back door and over to the corner where I keep the birdseed and peanuts. For awhile, they climbed up to the opening at the top of the peanut bag but then one of them must have decided that was too much work.


I’ve been dropping not so subtle hints that we need a new slider with a screen door. We need the back door open to get air flow through the house but I’m guessing that my little visitors are not housetrained. It’s surprising one of them hasn’t peed on the carpet yet and there’s always the danger of the dog trapping one of them inside. That could turn into quite the fiasco!


21 thoughts on “Hanging Out

  1. I’ve seen squirrels whose tails are in some stage of molting before, but never come across one with an almost bare tail. Maybe we don’t have a hawk problem around here. I’ll get in touch with Hottie to see if Tufts Of Love an do anything for poor Ratty…. 🙂

    1. I’ve got a few that could use some Tufts of Love! I don’t know if they’ve got mites or mange or what. I’ve never seen so many partly bald squirrels as there are this year.

        1. Last autumn I found out that they can easily gnaw through plastic when they chewed up my new bird feeder! Still, I don’t think they would hang out in the house long enough to gnaw through thick plastic. But maybe I should go with a metal container just to be safe! 🙂

            1. Lol! Probably! I caught one of them trying to tear a hole in the brand new peanut bag this morning. I’ve got to get a bin of some type!

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