Photo Challenge Entries

Ribbons of Light


Last week I was so excited to learn that Cee of Cee’s Photography is bringing back her Which Way Photo Challenge. I always enjoyed this challenge, partly because I have trouble remembering themes and this one is always the same and partly because I’m fascinated by how roads, paths and trails can look so inviting in photos, if done just right. It’s a trick I haven’t learned yet but I would like to and the Which Way Challenge provides an opportunity to work on it. Plus, signs are an accepted topic and it’s fun to find interesting ones.

I took the photo above while lurking around the lot with the old trucks. It didn’t come out the way I hoped but I like how the tracks look like ribbons of light. The photo also gives a glimpse of how the valley fills with golden light around sunset. It looks like the air is filled with particles of gold that you could reach and grab a handful of. (I wish!)

I took another photo in a shady area. It’s too dark but the ribbon of light effect is more obvious and it looks like there are headlights approaching.


It feels good to be taking photos again, even though I’m out of practice.


8 thoughts on “Ribbons of Light

  1. Railroad tracks can be very interesting, photographic subjects. I had the opportunity in a past post to play with their infinity perspective. Love the lighting you captured, Trisha. πŸ™‚

  2. I like the first shot (and like you, I haven’t done much photography lately – nearly all my blog images are coming from my archives this winter).

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