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Odd Neighborhood Crimes


Yesterday I found a very odd thing on the trail next to my house: a pile of unrolled Christmas wrapping paper. I was puzzled. Why? How? Is this what they kids are doing these days instead of toilet papering things? Are they like, “hee hee, let’s sneak over to Jim’s house and unroll wrapping paper?” It seems a very odd crime.

But maybe the worse crime is that one of the rolls of paper was Justin Bieber wrapping paper.


Things like this make me glad I had boys. There’s no Justin Bieber wrap in my attic!

I didn’t get a picture of it but I witnessed another crime a few weeks ago. I looked out my front window and saw a man walking away from my house with the carcass of our 2014 Christmas tree. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Someone was stealing our old Christmas tree! It wasn’t like it was part of a neighborhood clean up or anything either. There are a lot of dead branches on all of the greenbelts and he didn’t come back for any of those.

Very odd.

I guess I really can’t judge the owner of the Justin Bieber paper since I had an old Christmas tree beside my house for a year and a half. That’s pretty trashy! I probably should be embarrassed but, whatever. I gave up on having a perfect house and a perfect yard a long time ago.

Linking to Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.




8 thoughts on “Odd Neighborhood Crimes

  1. Justin Bieber wrapping paper….. wow, what a find! Seriously, that’s an oddball if ever I saw one! The pack rat in me would have picked it up and added it to my collection of strange and random things…

    1. I didn’t even think of saving any of the paper because I had this uneasy feeling that the joke was going to be that someone peed on it or left some other nasty surprise somewhere in it. Now I wish I would have at least saved a few scraps for my journal. I’ll probably (hopefully) never see Justin Bieber wrapping paper again!

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