Some Hate It Hot


There are people that love a hot summer day and there are those that would take 18 degrees over 80 any day of the year. Well, maybe I’m the only one who loves weather THAT cold. But there are others who hate the heat of summer. My wooly friend, Trouble, sure doesn’t like it. And who can blame him? Imagine going out on a 90 degree day wearing that black fur coat!

Yes, here it is. My annual complaint about summer.

Since summer took July off in my neck of the woods, I thought maybe I wasn’t going to write a post complaining about summer this year. But, even after our relatively cool July, this current hot stretch makes this the 4th summer in a row of warmer-than-normal temperatures. It’s supposed to reach 87 today, 93 tomorrow and 91 on Saturday, before cooling back down to 78 on Monday. I was hoping this was summer’s swan song for the year but it looks like it’s going to heat back up again next Friday. GRRRRR.

Today it’s hot and breezy, a combination we usually don’t see in my neighborhood. We have two different heat warnings and three for fire danger. I doubt I will sleep well tonight. My neighbors don’t let things like dry weather, burn bans or fire danger warnings stop them from having fires right next to the trees on the greenbelt. And then there are those dead branches piled up under my deck. We probably should have moved those away from the house….

I really don’t have any right to complain. I have a cool place to escape the heat (my half-way underground bedroom, which always stays cool and has an AC unit to keep it even chillier) and it’s just a few days. But I don’t like it, so I’m complaining anyway. I really, really hate being hot. I hate how hot my house gets in the late afternoon and evening. I hate sandals and shorts and I miss warm, fluffy socks and jackets. I hate having to listen to the fans running all evening. I hate how hot the car is when you first get in it. How spoiled I am these days! When I was growing up, we didn’t have fans or air conditioning.

It’s funny how a couple of weeks ago, when it was still just in the upper 70’s, it seemed like summer was flying by. Now that it’s hot, it feels like it will never end.

I just counted how many weeks there are until the autumn equinox. FIVE! WAAAAHHHHHH! How can summer be so long? 😦


27 thoughts on “Some Hate It Hot

  1. I don’t like it too hot either. A few days ago it hit mid 20s and I even opened some windows! Today, however, it’s back down to 15C and chucking down with rain. Big puddles everywhere.

        1. This is a great place to live if you hate winter! We rarely have wintry weather but there are often long, long stretches of cloudy weather where you feel like you’ll go crazy if you don’t catch a glimpse of the sun.

  2. I wouldn’t mind 18 degrees right now, because it means my grass would be dead and I wouldn’t have spent 40 minutes out there sweating to death cutting it! Hurry up September….

    1. I didn’t think about how all that rain you’ve had would make the grass grow like crazy. Our summers are so dry that grass growth slows way down unless you water, which I haven’t bothered with. I just haven’t been able to summon up any give-a-damn about my yard this year.

  3. What I find interesting is that even before the weather heated up a few days ago, we were still having a slightly warmer than average summer. I thought we were having a cool summer. (Which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying.) Evidently it’s just that the previous three summers have been so incredibly hot for our area that a summer that is only a couple degrees warmer than average now seems blessedly cool.

    I promised myself I would not whine about the heat this week because we’ve had mostly reasonable temperatures once the way, way, too hot spring was over. We’ll see if I can keep that promise after a couple days in the 90s with no AC. Heh.

    1. p.s. I just looked at my weather app. It’s not quite 8 am and it’s already 74 degrees. I’m pretty sure that’s a sign there will soon be whining from me, promise or no.

    2. I thought we were having a cool summer too! We’ve had so many pleasant days. While I’m not happy that the trend is toward hotter, I guess it’s good that we’re adapting. My other thought was that, if this is a warmer-than-normal summer, we should be due for one of those cool, non-summers that we have about every five years. 🙂

      74 degrees before 8 a.m. – yuck! I think any whining is understandable. The next couple of days are going to be miserable.

  4. You have my sympathy as I hate the summer too. I tend to bitch about it as I can’t stand the humidity.

    Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of the year. I don’t mind winter when I can get outdoors, but I do so wish the weather forecast would get it right, so I could plan my day better.

    1. We’re very fortunate here, as we don’t often have high humidity to go along with the heat and we get fairly frequent pushes of cool marine air. It was really hot here Saturday and then we woke up to clouds and lovely, cool air on Sunday. I loved it! I spent the day pretending it as autumn. 🙂

    1. Our last few winters haven’t required a lot of layering up. Other than the frequent long stretches of gray, rainy weather, we’ve got it pretty easy weather-wise here on the western side of the Cascade Mountains.

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