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This Way to Cool


Too hot? Imagine yourself walking into the air conditioned interior of Ivar’s Seafood Bar in Mukilteo where they advertise cold and clammy conditions.

Or, imagine yourself walking down a street in Everett on a cloudy day with the cool marine air blowing right off the water (keep your wallet close though, because Everett is kind of sketchy).


Or, if neither of those images were cool enough for you, there’s my street on a rare snowy day.


And, for my friends from the southern hemisphere who might be wanting to feel warmer, there’s this trail, which was taken on a miserably hot summer day last year.


They’re all pretty lousy photos but I’m not willing to go out into the hot sun to try to get better ones!

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge



12 thoughts on “This Way to Cool

    1. I think so too. I’m hoping it’s part of a natural cycle that will soon swing the other way. Warmer than normal is just something I don’t enjoy!

  1. Love your snowy street,

    I wish we got snow as I love it so much, but I daresay the peak hour traffic would disagree with me.

    After a few days of sun, we are back to (intermittent) rain, but Spring is only 10 days away so I’m happy.

    1. I love snow too and we rarely get any here. On the rare occasion that we do, traffic becomes a nightmare because no one is used to driving in it. This year, I think I’ll probably only hope for snow on the weekends when my husband and son don’t have to drive to work.

    1. We don’t get snow very often here either so I always think of snow as beautiful and magical. I would probably hate it like most people if I had to drive in it often!

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