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Friday Ramblings


Yesterday was another hot day and I wasn’t the only one around here that wasn’t happy about it. Trouble and Scooby both glared at me all day, like it was my fault it was hot. The glare I was getting from Trouble in the above photo could have been because I accidentally sprayed him with the hose though….

Scooby had a good time nesting in a box but wasn’t pleased about me taking his picture in it.


He paid me back by puking in my shoe while I was sleeping. If it wasn’t so gross I would share a picture of it because he really did a great job with this particular payback. The vomit somehow ran the length of the inside of my shoe, ran in between the crack between the molding and the floor and sprayed in an arc up the wall. It’s pretty amazing.

I just discovered that Frosty has somehow peed under the litter box again. I don’t know how he’s doing it. There’s not a leak in it and I keep the clumping litter really deep in there anyway so there’s no liquid getting to the bottom. And, yet, there’s pee under. I’m baffled.

Michael, my 20-year-old son, arrived in San Francisco before I even got out of bed this morning. It was his text saying he had landed that woke me up. Otherwise, I might still be sleeping. Thankfully, the insomnia episode is over. I’m super groggy and can’t wake up today. But I’d rather groggy than that wide awake thing.

This is Michael’s second trip to San Francisco. It seems that he is one of those people that is just born to travel. He’s had more travel opportunities in his 20 years than I’ve had in 46 years. I seem to be one of those people born with roots that are difficult to break. My husband travelled quite a bit…until he met me. Now it’s hard to get him to go anywhere. Part of the problem is that I want to take the kids and he wants to leave them home. So, we go nowhere. The story of my life!

The other thing that’s stopping us from travelling is the cost of health care. Our health insurance gets more expensive every year and every year it covers less and less. After paying off all our debt in 2015, we’re going back in the hole because of Daniel’s eye injury, mouth surgery and dental work and the lack of coverage from our super expensive health insurance. It’s rather depressing.

Thankfully, I have my little squirrel friends to cheer me. There’s even a new Shorty! (Shorty was my favorite squirrel for a couple of years before he moved away.) This squirrel’s tail is about the length of the original Shorty’s tail but it’s kind of round at the end where the original Shorty’s was flat. And this new Shorty is friendly while the old Shorty turned into an aloof jerk the last year he was here.

Not a great picture of New Shorty. He’s cuter than this!

Last year’s squirrels were comfortable taking a peanut out of my hand. This year’s batch is comfortable bypassing me altogether to come into the house to help themselves to the stash. Last week I noticed movement behind Trouble when I was trying to take his picture.


I wish I could get a picture of the squirrel that comes in and stands on its back feet like a prairie dog so it can get a better look around. It’s so cute!

Tonight we’re supposedly going to have a big shift in our weather pattern and instead of having a ridge of high pressure over us we will have an area of troughing that will allow cooler, moister marine air into the area and possibly even some showers later next week. I welcome it, showers and all. I took an oops photo the other night that made me hope that my camera isn’t psychic.


Doesn’t it almost look like the trees are on fire? I’ll feel better when we get enough rain to make a neighborhood forest fire impossible!


12 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. Downunder in Australia, we have the same issues with Health Care, but ours isn’t connected to our Employer like I believe yours is.

    The new Shorty is super cute.

    (and did you throw those shoes out? Uggghhhhh).

    1. We do get our healthcare plan through Don’s employer. The whole system is really out of control and the “Affordable” Care Act has only made it less affordable for us.

      The shoes were slides with a rubberized inside so I was able to hose them off. But, still, I haven’t worn them.

  2. Hope it cools down for you there soon. We’ve had some cooler temps here recently and I’m LOVING it, come on fall! Sorry to hear about the doctor bills and the insurance, and I hope Daniel’s eye is okay. Frosty and Scooby have some mad skillz in the puking and peeing department. :/ Ugh pet messes…
    Cute photos, as always. 🙂
    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

    1. It seems to have changed over to fall-like weather here now too. The change was so quick, it’s a little bit disorienting! I’m grateful for the cooler weather though and, like you, I welcome fall!

      Frosty and Scooby are very talented in the mess making department. Scooby puked in Daniel’s shoe yesterday. That’s four shoe-pukings in two months. He’s got to be doing it on purpose!

    1. Scooby has now puked in someone’s shoe four times in the last two months. He’s got to be doing it on purpose. Kitties are so bad. The dog would never do anything like that!

  3. Love the photo of Trouble. Ha ha! Cats are such weird creatures. I live with my daughter’s three cats and Peanut has decided that she’s not happy and will pee on my daughter’s bed. My daughter discovered that when the comforter is not on her bed, Peanut will not pee there. Psychological stuff going on! Ha ha! Love your post, Trisha. ❤

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