Another Friday Ramble


I enjoyed last Friday’s ramble so much I decided to do it again!

It’s nearly 11:00 in the morning. The sun has been up for over four hours but you wouldn’t know it by looking out the window. It’s very dark today and raining pretty hard. It feels like the seasonal switch has flipped to autumn. Monday afternoon was hot, sunny and summery and today feels like we’re deep into autumn.

Usually, I try to put off feeling like it’s autumn until after the equinox on the 22nd but this year I think I’d better get into autumn mode early or I could miss the whole thing. Many of the trees are turning early this year. I’ve been wondering why and yesterday I discovered the answer on one of the weather blogs I obsessively check. It’s because the trees are stressed from having three dry, hot summers in a row. This worries me since I fear that we are turning into the new California and I don’t want to live in California. I love the trees there. Well, maybe not the alders. They’re pretty ugly most of the year and I’m allergic to their pollen. But I still don’t want them to die off.

Even some of the cottonwoods are changing and they don’t usually change until November.

The shift in the weather has brought a shift in Scooby’s habits too. He’s back to perching in the middle of the dining room table, although it’s so dark I haven’t been able to get a good photo of him doing it. This sudden shift to dark skies makes me realize I need more lighting in my house!

I did capture a photo of Scooby perching in the Boo Cave that Daniel made for him. He said Scooby couldn’t resist it and he was right!


He’s such a curious kitty. Trouble and Frosty didn’t even glance at the Boo Cave.

Scooby also struck again with his shoe puking. He hit Daniel’s shoe again night before last. That’s four times in the last two months that he’s puked in someone’s shoe. He’s got to be doing it on purpose!

Last night Don and I went the Bad Company concert. It was raining but it didn’t bother us and didn’t seem to bother anyone else either. People just put on plastic rain panchos, got drunk and danced. We didn’t do any of those things, we just watched. It was fun, both to see the band still rock at their age and to watch older people having so much fun. I was one of the youngest people there!

Here are a couple of terrible phone photos.



The scary part was driving home. We watched as drunk people staggered out to their cars, got behind the wheel, then surrounded us at 65 mph on the freeway. It didn’t matter that we only drank water, it was a perilous journey anyway.  Serving alcohol right up until the end of the concert seems like a bad idea although I guess people could just walk into the casino and order drinks.

Today I’m worried because Smarty didn’t eat his breakfast and doesn’t seem to feel good. I also haven’t seen New Shorty in a couple of days.


Today I have a physical therapy appointment for the strain in my hip flexor. I’m dreading it. My hip flexor seems to be getting better on its own and I’ve never been to physical therapy and really don’t know what to expect.

Well, I think I’ve touched on enough topics for this to be a good long ramble. I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


17 thoughts on “Another Friday Ramble

  1. I have a photo I took at my last ballgame that I’ll probably share at some point that shows just how much people drink at events like this…. and then just get in the car like it’s no big deal. I’ve always considered sporting events to be the world’s largest drunk driver conventions… and I guess concerts would be the same.

    Love the glowing eyed picture of Scooby!

    1. Sporting events must be even more hazardous since there are so many more people there. And so many younger people too. At least the drunk drivers we were on the road with had lots of experience with both drinking and driving!

    1. Bad Company was really good! I would see them again, if they come back to town. I’ve loved Fleetwood Mac since I was in high school but I’ve never seen them in concert. If they are still touring, they probably draw a bigger crowd than I’m willing to brave.

  2. Love the rain on the leaves in the top photo. And thanks for the answer about why leaves are turning color early. I’ve often wondered why it can vary so much when freezes aren’t involved. I especially notice the variation with the locust tree next door. Normally the leaves stay green a long time into fall, but then some years they start going yellow at the end of August.

    1. I noticed quite a few locust trees already turning when I was out over the weekend. I hope we’re not in for a dull, colorless October. Someone said all the native maples are so covered with seeds because they are getting read to die. I hope not! These hotter, drier summers have me worried about our tree friends.

  3. It’s good that you enjoyed Bad Company. I remember my sister and going to see them when we were young. Baby Boomers love to relive the good old days but the drinking and driving is just stupid. At concerts I used to go to there would always be a small army of police with breathalyser units waiting for the concert goers. Adelaide is not a large city so it was not hard to have a unit at each of the main exit roads.
    I hope Smarty was just having an off day but I know how you feel. Cindy will normally eat everything in sight so when she left a bit of toast I’d given her the other day I was a bit concerned. She is ten after all and I’m always worried that any bit of abnormal behaviour is the beginning of old age problems. So far so good though.
    I hope New Shorty comes by again soon too. I guess that is the risk in getting too close to wild critters.

    1. I think having breathalyzer units outside of events would be called entrapment and is not allowed here. It seems a crazy right to protect to me. “All people have the right to get hammered and get behind the wheel?” It seems wrong to me!

      Since all of my pets are old, I worry over every little thing too. Smarty seems to feel better but still doesn’t had much of an appetite for breakfast. I guess when he loses his appetite for the cat’s food is when I need to worry!

      New Shorty did come back. I was happy to see him but I know he’ll probably move on one of these days. Squirrels seem to move on to new territory every so often.

  4. I love the rain on the leaves photo also.

    For the life of me I can’t remember Bad Company, but I DO remember some wild concerts in my youth. Mainly in London in the mid 1970s. Gosh, I feel old……. 🙂

    1. When my husband brought up wanting to see Bad Company, I didn’t remember ever hearing about them. But then I listened to some of their songs and realized I’d heard quite a few of their songs many times over the years. You would probably recognize a few of their songs too, like Shooting Star. “Don’t you know that you are a shooting star?” I don’t remember much from the 70’s (I was born in 1970) but I remember that song!

  5. Lots of the leaves on our trees aren’t even bothering to change color, they’re just simply browning here. 😦 I hope that doesn’t mean we’ll be robbed of all our fall color. Not that I’ll be able to enjoy much of it anyway. You mentioning physical therapy reminds me of the intensive PT I’ll likely be doing this fall after my knee replacement surgery at the end of this month. I’ve even already started doing some exercises now to prepare, nothing too grueling though. Hope yours went alright.
    I didn’t realize Bad Company was even still together, but they’re still rocking out huh? Fun! But not fun driving alongside all the drunks on the way home. Glad you guys got home safely.
    I hope Smarty is alright. ❤

    1. Yes, Bad Company can still rock hard! They still sound really good too. It was fun.

      I’m sorry you have to go through a knee replacement and all the physical therapy and stuff that goes with it. I will send healing energy and positive vibes! I didn’t like physical therapy but I think it was mostly the location. It was in a place where everything is gray and industrial and has those kind of fluorescent lights that make my brain shut down. I’m not going back. I hope you can find a cozier place for your physical therapy!

      I’m worried that we’re going to have a colorless fall too. When we at the park yesterday there were already a lot of leaves falling to the ground. I’m afraid the trees will be all bare by October. 😦

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